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Remove page from Google

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    Remove page from Google


    I wanted to remove few pages from Google as, I found out that Google has indexed some pages I used in some tutorial at jahajee.com.

    Why would anyone want to remove page from Google ? In my case it was simply because I would not like my sitemap to be known to all, for others this may be because of an update to any webpage or because sensitive data may have by mistake, placed on some page.

    The pages I wanted to remove from google were :

    While I have added the Sitemap in Google webmaster and I wanted Google to know that it existed, I did not want it to show in the search result.
    For syndication.php, I need not care as I later added a redirect to feedburner feed address and I know that Google will remove it automatically from its search result later.
    For termsofservice.php, I added it to complete this tutorial about "Remove page from google".

    To remove any page from Google you need to login to your Google Webmaster Account and under
    "Optimization" >> "Remove URLs" you will find "Create a new removal request".
    Click on "Create a new removal request" to open a text-box.
    You need to enter the URL of the page into that text-box without the domain name of your website e.g. for me it was /termsofservice.php
    The next page will give you the complete URL and if all is OK select the "Remove page from search results and cache" and click "Submit Request".
    You can find the status of the removal request in the next page (under the "Optimization" >> "Remove URLs").

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      X Remove from Google Index by other methods

      Removing a page from Google Index by "Remove URLs" of Google Webmaster will remove the Page from Google Search / Cache only for 90 days unless the webpage stops existing(returns 404 - Not found error). So if you permanently want to remove a page from Google Index, and not get added again, Google provides 2 more options :

      1) "noindex" meta Tags
      You can inform Google about removing and preventing a webpage from getting indexed, by using a meta tag on the webpage. So you just need to add the below meta tag to the "head" section of the webpage, you do not want search bots to Index.

      <meta name="robots" content="noindex">
      While Google respects the "noindex" meta tags the same cannot be said about all the search bots and some search bots may still index the page and show in their searches. You can check our website page source of www.jahajee.com/termsofservice.php for better understanding.

      2) robots.txt
      You can add the URL of the page not to index, at the robots.txt by adding the below code
      User-agent: *
      Disallow: /termsofservice.php
      . Again, Google respects the robots.txt and understands that you disallow "termsofservice.php" to be indexed, but some robots may still index it and show in their searches.
      Remember that robots.txt for your website is publicly available to all internet Users and do not include sensitive webpages under "Disallow" in it.

      The best way to prevent search engines from indexing sensitive webpage is by not linking it from anywhere on your website. Search bot always search and index the webpages by following linked contents, so if you do not link a particular sensitive page from anywhere, then only you know of its URL. For example I use a webpage to monitor the data of the users which can be found at .......Damn ! I can't tell you that ;-)

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        X How long it takes Google to remove page from Google ?

        Google does not state in particular how long do they take to remove page from Google but in my case it took less than 17 hours to get the "Pending" Status changed to "Removed" by Google Webmaster "Remove URLs" Page.
        A site search for "site:jahajee.com" in Google stopped showing sitemap.xml same time.
        I am sure this duration is variable though !

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