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STCW 2010

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STCW 2010


While STCW 2010 came into force on 01 Jan 2012, many seafarers are still confused as to which STCW 2010 Courses they need to do !

Lets understand STCW 2010 from a seafarers perspective. In this post, I assume that readers are related with maritime sector. Please feel free to add things which I may have missed to keep post simple.

STCW 2010 categorized seafarers with different level of responsibility

    SENIOR OFICERS e.g. Captain, Chief Officer, Chief Engineer & Second Engineer

    JUNIOR OFFICERS e.g. 2nd Officer, 3rd Officer, 3rd Engineer & 4th Engineer

    RATINGS e.g. Bosun, Pumpy, rating forming part of navigational/engine watch and trainees
Examination and assessment are done on basis of 7 functions
  1. Navigation
  2. Cargo handling and stowage
  3. Controlling the operation of the ship and care for persons on board
  4. Marine engineering
  5. Electrical, electronic and control engineering
  6. Maintenance and repair
  7. Radio communications
While previously promotions for ratings may be done on basis of sea-time experience STCW 2010 mandates examination/assessment done for promotion. Lets see which STCW 2010 Maritime Courses are affected !STCW 2010

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Rishi Kashyap
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X STCW 2010 Courses

STCW 2010 amendment brought new mandatory STCW courses and 5 year refresher courses. These STCW courses depends on your Maritime ranks.

Since most Maritime Academy are required to issue STCW 2010 complied certificate after July 2013, we assume that its the transition from STCW 1995 to STCW 2010 which is causing confusion.
Please note that STCW 2010 categorized your certificates and documents as

  1. Certificate of competency (COC)
  2. Certificate of Proficiency
    Certificate other than COC
  3. Documented evidence
    Sea-time letter from Company/Captain, Drill participation etc.
Certain STCW Course needs to be refreshed every 5 years now.
Management / Operational / Support level
  1. PST (Personal Survival Technique)
  2. PSCRB (Proficiency in Survival craft / Rescue boat
  3. AFF (Advanced Fire fighting)
  4. FPFF (Basic Fire Fighting) [Not required if doing Refresher AFF]
  5. FRB (Fast Rescue boat)
Management Level
1. SSO

Operational / Support level
1. SDSD (Seafarers with designated security duties), mandatory since 01 Jan 2014

1. ECDIS (Operational & Management level - Deck)
2. Security awareness (onboard or ashore for trainees)

Most administration have published circulars detailing the transition from STCW 1995 to 2010. You can find DG Shipping (India) circular at up-gradation Deck & up-gradation Engineers. Please check your administration circular to know which STCW 2010 up-gradation Course you need to do.STCW 2010 Courses

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Rishi Kashyap
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  1. Why to do refresher Medical First Aid / Medical care ?
    Refresher MFA / MEDICARE are MLC 2006 requirement which came into force in AUG 2013. Refresher MFA / Medicare is required for operational / Management level rank and required to be done every 5 years.

  2. Why are cooks required to have COC now ?
    Cook Certificate of competency too is MLC 2006 requirement.

  3. What is Able Seafarer - DECK / ENGINE ?
    Ratings now require particular sea-time for promotion. Sea-time gets counted only after certification of rating forming part of a navigational /engine watch. To receive rating forming part of a navigational /engine watch certificate one needs to have actual sailing experience. Please refer STCW 2010 code Sec A II/5 or Sec A III/5 respectively for details.

  4. Do I need to do up-gradation course along with Refresher Safety Course ?
    Since every seafarer needs to comply with STCW 2010 by Jan 2017, if your COC is expiring now you will be going for re-validation course too along with refresher safety course. Having said that, most Basic safety refresher course can be delayed till 31st Dec 2016.
    DG Shipping presently is issuing all COC till 31st Dec 2016, it  might be interesting to see how things turnout at that time as many seafarer will then need revalidation depending upon their merchant navy rank.

  5. I am going for promotional exams, do I need to do upgradation course ?
    No, promotional STCW courses (2nd mates, Mates Phase 1/2, ASM, MEO Class 4, MEO Class 2 ,and MEO Class 1) already have incorporated STCW 2010 module after July 2012. Other basic safety courses are valid till 31st Dec 2016 or 5 yrs from issuing of basic safety courses (which ever is later).
  6. Why am I asked to fill E-samudra ?
    Esamudra perhaps is Indian DG Shipping system of maintaining electronic copy of seafarer records. As per STCW 2010 "... provisions shall be made to allow controlled electronic access to such register or registers to allow Parties and companies to confirm..." seafarers details. Hence administration asks you to keep your records updated electronically.

  7. Why am I asked to fill MMD Seafarer Profile then ?
    We did not find a single circular refrence of MMD seafarer profile, yet MMD Mumbai wants seafarers to fill the same ! We are sorry, we still do not know why ? (MMD Seafarer Profile not required at MMD Mumbai)
To keep our post simple we have omitted special ship types like Tankers and Passenger ships. We highly recommend every seafarer to check circulars issued by your administration pertaining to STCW 2010 for more details.  

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