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Submit RSS feeds to RSS feeds directory

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    Submit RSS feeds to RSS feeds directory


    Experts say that submitting your RSS feeds to RSS feeds directory will not only improve traffic for your website but also increase popularity. This probably is because of the back-links generated by some feeds directory. Even Google feedburner has "PingShot" under "Publicize" tab which "Notify interested services when my feed changes".

    In my earlier post "How to improve ping for a website ?" we talked about few feeds directory which pings other services too. I collected URL of feeds directory for submitting my feed which I am detailing below in this post.

    I do not advocate to endlessly keep submitting your atom or RSS feeds to these feeds directory as tracking the success of such an effort is really difficult. Moreover as Google says it "Content is the King" so if your website contents are helpful to others, your website will automatically be liked by others. No wonder there are so many blogs which are popular mainly because of what they post and not because they spent hours in submitting their feeds to an endless list of feeds directories.  Anyways, still when the experts say something, I follow them a little, so I too submitted my feedburner feed address to some feeds directory listed below.

    While submitting my feeds to these feeds directory, I also looked for websites/directories which allowed submitting without registration or in easy steps (including simple Captcha).
    From the below list of feeds directory I only submitted to those which did not require registration, reason was simple, because submitting them was easier. I have separated them in two groups as detailed below.

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      X Feeds directory with simple feed submission form

      Below feeds directory had simple feeds submission form. Of course there may be more than this, but as I said before, its better to write useful content than to spend it submitting your feed to endless feeds directory.

      www.urlfanx.com/search_not_found.php3?no_cache=1 (requires captcha only)
      www.plazoo.com/en/addrss.asp (requires email with captcha)
      www.feedsee.com/submit.html (requires captcha only)

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        X Feeds directory requiring registartion

        Below feeds directory required registration prior submitting your feeds and that is why I avoided them. Perhaps they are popular feeds directory and a backlink by them may mean something to you, so have added them for reference.


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