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8 years ago
Comment at Buoyage system in japan , uses of special marks , safe water marks etc ?
system b , special marks -odas, tss where use of conventional channel marking may cause confusion, spoil ground ,military exercise zone, cable or pipeline mark, recreation zone. safe water mark- ...

8 years ago
Comment at What is barograph , barogram ? what does curved lines in barogram indicate ? what enteries are to be made on barogram ?
the chrt in barograph is called barogram, changes in pressure are recorded without lapse in tym ...

8 years ago
Comment at Quote rule 19 , rule 37 and annex 4
1> a gun or other explosive fired 2>a cont sounding of fog signal 3>rockets or shells 4> n.c. flag 5>mayday 6> sos 7> ball, square ,ball 8> flames, smoke signal, raising lowering of arms ...

8 years ago
Comment at Controls and selecting switches in echosounder , autopilot , course recorder ?
echo sounder-range selector knob, paper speed, stylus speed,sensitivity or gain, fix marker, change over sensor, panel brill. auto pilot-course selector, rudder control, counter rudder, ...

8 years ago
Comment at Courses checked and compasses compared . .what actually you do with regard to it and if they not tally what action are you expec
means course to steer on chart is same as course being made good. compasses compared means gyro repetors compared with master gyro and with magnetic compass. ...

8 years ago
Comment at What the procedure for correcting a chart that has not been corrected for three years
with the help of cumulative and annual notices of current year ...

8 years ago
Comment at What do you understand by t & p notices
temporary and preliminary notices ...

8 years ago
Comment at Situation - restricted visibility , vessel on your port bow is crossing actions & precautions ?
reduce ur speed to d min at which she can be kept on her course and if necessary take oll her way off. ...

8 years ago
Comment at Situation - in restricted visibilty , vessel is right ahead 3 miles , what is your action & what signals
if detected by radar, we will try to hear fog signal of other vessel as the range of fog signal is 1.5 -2 miles. as per rule 19 d we take avoiding action which consists wide alteration of course ...