Merchant Navy Rank "Trainee Marine Engineer" (TME) or Engine Cadet belongs to the Engine department of merchant ship and is responsible :

  1. To familiarise himself with regulations and working procedures appropriate to tasks to be executed.
  2. To execute assigned tasks in conformance with work procedures and/or quality plans as instructed by the Duty Officer or the 2nd Engineer/Electrical Officer.
  3. To execute assigned tasks safely, to the best of his ability, and to report hazardous conditions without delay to the Duty Officer or the 2nd Engineer/Electrical Officer.
  4. To ensure that work of a hazardous nature is not undertaken without approval, suitable training and under close supervision of the 2nd Engineer.
  5. To familiarise himself with all safety equipment and safety procedures on board.
  6. Diligently follow the structure program of onboard  training and complete tasks listed in the cadet training record book or equivalent record book (TAR).  
  7. Diligently complete distance learning program, keep training record book up-to-date and complete academic training assignments as required by the engineering college.
  8. To complete routine engineering duties required in the normal operation of the vessel and by the Planned Maintenance Systems.
  9. To assist the Second Engineer in the preparation of spare gear and equipment procurement requirements.
  10. To act as a member of the Shipboard Emergency Response and Fire Fighting Team.
  11. To carry out ISPS duties in accordance with the vessel Ship Security plan
  12. Actively seek to learn the duties as applicable for next rank.

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