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Use WhatsApp on Laptop now

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    Use WhatsApp on Laptop now


    Whatsapp has announced its Webapp client which allows you to use WhatsApp from your browser itself (read laptop).

    3 steps to use WhatsApp from your desktop

    1. Download the latest version
      Whatsapp latest version is 2.11.491 . You can check your current version by going to
      Whatsapp >> Settings >> Help >> About

    2. Go to https://web.whatsapp.com/  in Google Chrome
      WhatsApp web client only works in Google Chrome presently. If you do not have Google chrome, please download it now and open https://web.whatsapp.com/  in Google Chrome

    3. Scan the QR Code
      The above page will have a QR Code. You need to scan this QR Code. Steps to take for scanning the QR Code depends on your mobile OS and is shown on that page. For me it was Android and steps were simply to open
      Whatsapp >> Menu >> WhatsApp Web and scan.
    Thats it ! Please note that all messages still lives in your mobile device and your mobile phone needs to remain connected to internet for the WhatsApp Webapp to work as it only mirrors conversation / messages from your mobile device. Secondly this is not supported for iPhone users till now because of Apple limitations, another reason you should switch to Android Phone !

    I really love how Whatsapp makes money without showing any Ads. It not only saves on my mobile data usage but also delivers what it promises, simple communication !

    I would love to see more browser support like there multiple OS support in the future, till then happy using Whatsapp from Computer.  Use WhatsApp on Laptop now

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