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Various Shore Job opportunities

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    Various Shore Job opportunities


    All of us know that how much we may love to be at sea yet we cannot sail forever !! So what are the various shore opportunities for us ?
    For sure if one wants to say goodbye to shipping then MBA is the best option for switching over , but if one wants to capitalize sea experience then the known options are -Shipping operations,recruiting, Teaching ,Surveyors,Chartering and for the "Daredevil" fans setting up a new business (entrepreneurship).
    The point is one should understand the various aspects and requirements of each job.
    This forum requests all the experienced hands at shore to share their experience with us so that we know what are the expectations from an employee and how much are these jobs different from our sailing?

    Thank you in advance for sharing and Bon Voyage to all.

    Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT | REPLY

      X Re:Various Shore Job opportunities !!!!

      Do you have any info on Pilot jobs also

      Manoj Awasthi | | EDIT | REPLY
        X Re:Re:Various Shore Job opportunities !!!!

        Hi manoj a complete list of indian ports and there website as well as
        e-mail address can be found with this link "http://www.kolkataporttrust.gov.in"
        then "other info" and
        then click "useful links".
        I did met a lot of indian pilots this time as i was on coastal run on an indian
        ship.Though the kolkata pilot told me that the package is not much compared to present
        sailing guys yet its ok .Vizag pilots told me its good money as pilots ."How much
        exactly??" varied a lot so am not writing it here.I found this link quite informative as
        far as the requirements and training of kol pilots is concerned ...quite lengthy though
        Will appreciate if somebody can add to this .

        Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT | REPLY