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What is Google Analytics ?

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    What is Google Analytics ?


    Google Analytics is web Analytics by Google. Using Google Analytics a website owner can know statistical data about the visitors to his website. This Web Analytics service was started by Urchin Software whom Google acquired in 2005 and started the Google Analytics service. Unlike Alexa Ranking Widgets, Google Analytic give you precise data about your website and its users.

    If you use Google Analytics, you will be provided a javascript code called Google Analytics Tracking Code or Google Analytics code or as google calls it "UTM", which is to be pasted on every page of your website. So if a visitor will come to your website, this script will log down the details for every visitor and you can get the statistical data about your visitors and their interaction with your website. While most of the web host by default provide you a basic web analytic along with the web space and other service you are using (Awstats, Webalizer or other basic web analytics for C Panel), Google analytics is required for advanced monitoring and reports of visitors. The best Part is the integration of various Google services like Google Adsense, Google Adwords and Google Webmaster with the Google Analytics so that you get all the data under one dashboard.
    Google AnalyticsOne limitation imposed by Google Analytics is that the Service is free for up to 10 million pageviews per month per account, for other terms and Condition please refer "GOOGLE ANALYTICS TERMS OF SERVICE".
    If you have more than 10 million Pageviews per month per account, you are required to use the premium service. Personally speaking I would certainly not mind paying Google if I could ever reach such high limits :). In our next post we will detail how we can add Google Analytics to any website.  

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      X Add Google Analytics

      You can add Google Analytics to your website (new Users) by :
      1) Go to www.google.com/analytics/
      2) SIGN IN with your Google Account
      3) If the Next Page shows "Sign UP" click on that
      4) Next you will be asked to "CREATE NEW ACCOUNT"
         # Fill the account Name with any name you wish (preferably website name)
         # Fill the Website's URL
         # Choose the Time Zone
      5) Select from the Data Sharing Settings (my suggestion leave both options selected)
      6) Select your country and agree to the User Agreement
      7) Click "Create Account"
      8) You will be routed down to your Tracking Code Page
      9) Check the Tracking Status under Website Tracking, it should show : "Tracking Not Installed".
      10) Copy the "Tracking Code" and paste it on every page of your web pages before closing head Tag.
          You can place anywhere on your website, I placed it at the end of my page, but it hardly matters !
          Do not worry the code is asynchronous so the page loads will not be affected by Google Analytics Tracking Code.
      11) Upload the modified files / web pages on your server.
      12) You can view Source Page of your website to find your Google Analytics Tracking Code.
      14) If all is OK then the Tracking Status will change to "Receiving Data".
      13) It will take 24 hours for your data to show on your Dashboard.
      14) Your website is using Google Analytics now and you should monitor the Analytics Data as per your need.

      Existing Google Analytics User can add the Tracking Code to additional Websites by :
      1) Login to your Google Analytics account
      2) Click on "Admin" at the Top right of the window.
      3) Click on "Create/Edit/Delete Profile" on the left side of the window. Now you will have the left window with explanation of "Create new profile". Follow the explanation and get the Google Analytics Tracking Code. Once you have the Tracking Code follow step 10) to 14) above.

      Once your Google Analytics Code is added successfully , I wish you more traffic ;-)

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