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Whats Your Standard Of Living ????

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    Whats Your Standard Of Living ????


    Yesterday I was just talking with my friends how the prices are rising exorbitantly .One said the cost of living is going up while other said the Standard of living is going up !!!Well ,as always confused ,I quitely came back home and just for fun discussed the same with my parents as to how much will it cost me to stay in a town (not metros) with just my family of 4 people per month.Interestingly here it goes:

    Gas Cylinder:                   310
    Electricity:                   1000
    Milk:                          2000
    Clothes(Cleaning/Ironing):      200
    Tea:                            300
    Cooking Oil:                    500
    Rice:                           250
    Daal:                           350
    Wheat:                          550
    Vegetables:                    1000
    Snax:                           500
    Fruits:                         300
    Mobile+telephone:              2000
    Medical expenses:              1000
    Servant:                        800
    Cable TV:                       200
    Entertainment:                 2000
    Petrol:                        1500
    TOTAL:                        14760

             Ok so 14760 Rs/Month in this of course some are too exaggerated and some may be too less but thats approx my STANDARD of "CONTENT" living .Ever wondered whats yours??? Actually I used it to calculate that
    1.If I sail for 1 contract then how long can I stay ashore till I exhaust the saving and
    2.To survive in a town how much should I earn/month.
    Ofcourse it cannot be fixed and their are emergencies,Customs/Rituals,House rent and plenty more to add in this never ending list and it covers only the basic survival things which amazingly also includes Mobile, a must have in everyones life :-).I have not added here my few habits of India tour, Playstations, Internet, and lot of other social habits as I was only calculating the Basic survival needs .
    I also remembered one video on Youtube( I saw it in my friends Orkut profile) about " What will you do with 500Rs "..a must see ...as for guys like us it was "Nothing can be done with such little amount" while there were kids in that video who said that they will complete their education,will eat 3 times daily and that they can send their little brother/sister to school.... Its strange someone is earning lakhs and lakhs and still cannot survive while some earn few hundreds and surviving happily !!!....
    So where do u live and whats your standard of Living ???

    Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT | REPLY
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      Well the fact that merchant marine pays well is going to be get lost if the market conditions remain same, there has been no significant increase in wages from past 8 years, govt. employees are getting a regular pay comission, after the 6th pay commision the pays and perks of government officials have gone nearly equivalent to those in merchant marine and next pay commision is due, this will lead to better salaries on shore, in governement sector than in marine and this is sure if wages do not increase beyond this level.

      Abhi Tiwari | | EDIT | REPLY
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      thats right bro, even in case of marriages bride/groom parents not wiing to have merchant mariner as in law.

      Sunil Bansal | | EDIT | REPLY
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      haha..that's why now you need to find your bride by yourself!!!

      Abhi Tiwari | | EDIT | REPLY

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