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Whatsapp double tick meaning

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    Whatsapp double tick meaning


    Friend : "My message shows Whatsapp double tick, you certainly read it Kashyap !"
    Me : "Damn I have not, and double tick does not mean that".
    Friend : "Acha ! then what does it mean ?"

    Whatsapp double tick meaning
    Whatsapp double tick is always taken as if the receiver has seen your message, perhaps because Facebook message tick means exactly that ! In Whatsapp terms Single Tick - message successfully delivered to the server.
    Double tick - message successfully delivered to the phone of your chat partner. Note: this does not indicate that the message was read, just that it was delivered

    Whenever you send a chat message to your friend the message is delivered in 3 stages

    1. STAGE 1
    2. The message is queued for sending from your Mobile Phone to Whatsapp server. Until this step is completed a clock icon comes below your message.
    3. STAGE 2
    4. The message is successfully uploaded to Whatsapp server. When this step is completed a single tick comes below your message.
    5. STAGE 3
    6. The message is successfully transferred from Whatsapp server to your friends phone. When this step is completed a double tick comes below your message.
    So your friend may or may not have viewed / read that message ! To prevent myself getting bugged by my Android phone I generally avoid checking it regularly. My Whatsapp notifications settings too are customized for minimum bothering, changed Whatsapp settings to save on my mobile data usage, hidden Whatsapp last seen on android phone and skim through most notifications only at night. This is my personal habit and I hope, my friend, you now understand what those Whatsapp double tick means technically !  Whatsapp double tick meaning

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