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7 years ago
Up voted topic at Why mariners do not want you to join Merchant Navy ?
Most mariners do not want you to join Merchant Navy & I too warn everyone prior joining Merchant Navy (the reason stated last). I found people replying in facebook community what is wrong with ...

7 years ago
Up voted comment at Epirb got transmitted by mistake ? what action ? why cannot we switch off the epirb directly ?
1. Contact the Nearest MRCC.Same can be obtained from ALRS Vol 5. 2. Inform the nearest MRCC that EPIRB got activated by mistake. 3. Switch off EPIRB by taking out its battery. 4. Inform the ...

7 years ago
Up voted reply at What are observations and findings ?
An audit finding is defined as an area of potential control weakness, policy violation, or other issue identified during the audit

7 years ago
Up voted comment at Rv , ship's in stbd beam , stern & port 4 point with risk of collision. action ?
Menon's ROR: Alter to port, 90 Degrees (P) to course steering (Quick action). or Alter stbd by 1 Point. this he prove to be correct by Rule 2.

7 years ago
Up voted comment at What is loi ? can you load and disc on loi ?
Letter of Indemnity is issued by one party under contract (usually the charterer) to indemnify the other party (usually the owner/master of the vessel) from any consequences of following the ...

7 years ago
Up voted comment at Which vessel does not show RAM even when RAM ?
Vessel engaged in Mine Clearance operations

7 years ago
Up voted comment at Why STCW 95 but MARPOL 73 / 78 ?
STCW 95 completely revised the STCW 78 which was in force. MARPOL 73 was not yet in force when the Protocol of 78 came . MARPOL 73 already covered pollution by Oil, Chemicals,Harmful substances ...

7 years ago
Comment at Can a vessel have 2 classification society ?
Double class vessel is a vessel which is classed by two Societies and where each Society works as if it is the only Society classing the vessel, and does all surveys in accordance with its own ...

7 years ago
Comment at Can PSC inspector check the accomodation and crew toilets on board ship ? under which convention ?
Yes, under MLC convention from Aug 2014 onwards. Before that under ILO no. 147 Minimum standards convention. ...

7 years ago
Comment at How will you make sure that SMS is being implemented onboard just after joining as master ?
By carrying out Masters verification. ...