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7 years ago
Comment at Enhance survey programme
Enhanced survey programme is a guideline for shipping companies and owners to prepare their ship for special surveys to maintain the safety of the ship while at sea or at port. A survey programme ...

7 years ago
Comment at How load line exemption certificate is issued and which conditions ?
Ships when engaged on international voyages between the near neighbouring ports of two or more States may be exempted by the Administration from the provisions of the present Convention, so long ...

7 years ago
Comment at Who issues quarterly listing .
Quarterly listing for the merchant vessel issued by it classification society is a document consist of information such as Vessel's Name, IMO No., details for Registered Owner and Technical ...

7 years ago
Comment at Type a , b and b60 ships ?
Ships Type “A” Ships that comply to the following requirements: • Were designed to carry only liquid cargoes in bulk • The cargo tanks have only small access openings which must be ...

7 years ago
followed You are master of indian ship getting sold to foreign country what is your duty as master ?