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7 years ago
Up voted comment at You are berthed alongside stb side.onshore wind. you have a ship 25m forward and 25m aft berthed. how will you cast off ? no tug
1. Single up to a spring line F and A 2. Slack fwd spring, Hard port, kick ahead. 3. vl will swing to port, the onshore will wind will help by acting more on the accommodation block. 4. Once the ...

7 years ago
Comment at What is maritime fraud ? what are the steps to check the charter party frauds ?
Kapoor then goes on to define maritime fraud as follows: 'Maritime fraud is a generic term commonly used to describe the obtaining of money, or services, or property in the goods, or a pecuniary ...

7 years ago
Comment at What is maritime fraud ? what are the steps to check the charter party frauds ?
The International Maritime Bureau (I.M.B.) defines maritime fraud as follows: 'An international trade transaction involves several parties - buyer, seller, shipowner, charterer, ship's master or ...

7 years ago
Comment at How does a convention comes into force ?
This is the part of the process with which IMO as an Organization is most closely involved. IMO has six main bodies concerned with the adoption or implementation of conventions. The Assembly ...

7 years ago
Replied at A ship sails on 10th . you have joined on 9th .loadline certificate expiring on 20th. would you sail like this ? why ?
Will inform owner and arrange for surveyor if reaching before or on 20th in the next port and also inform agent to get clearance for surveyor to board the vessel. If due to any circumstances ...

8 years ago
Replied at Can anyone become a MTO ? conditions ?
Shipping company or Freight Forwarder should have a minimum turnover of 50 Lakhs annually in preceding year if not then average turn over of 50 Lac in preceding three years and to be endorsed by ...

10 years ago
Comment at Bay plan in detail ?
Working stowage plans are drawn up to assist in advance planning. Master plans definitively document the positioning of containers on board. The bay-row-tier system follows a system of ...

10 years ago
Comment at Difference between flame arrester and flame screen ?
Flame arresters are used:  to stop the spread of an open fire  to limit the spread of an explosive event that has occurred  to protect potentially explosive mixtures from igniting  to ...

10 years ago
Comment at Explain "boil off" & "boil over" ?
A Boilover type of fire refers to an extremely hazardous situation where a semi-enclosed oil or petrochemical fuelled fire is being attempted to be extinguished with water. This situation is ...

10 years ago
Comment at Stability criteria for timber ?
2.1 The ship should be supplied with comprehensive stability information which takes into account timber deck cargo. Such information should enable the master rapidly and simply, to obtain ...