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9 years ago
Comment at Who is a passenger ?
The master & crew members or any other person employed or engaged in any capacity onboard for bussiness of that ship . ...

9 years ago
Comment at You are proceeding at sea one of your steering pump stops functioning what action will you take
Start secnd motor inform master inform E/R. log down in log book. ...

9 years ago
Comment at You are at port and you are discharging a heavy lift.u have a list. rason for that list.
may also due to the large v/L passing close by , ship to ship interaction !also due to the uneven balasting . ...

9 years ago
Comment at Wat is mean by compare compasses
onboard vr comparing the gyro comp wth magnetic cmps , by wch v get co eror wch v can apply to magnetic hdg wen gyro fails , thats why vr comparing compasse for evry 4 hrs ! so u ca get error & ...

9 years ago
Comment at What factors you take into account when planning a passage from japan to west coast us ?
Refer to ocean passages of the world for recomnded route , check wx wrng , etc . ...

9 years ago
Comment at What is raster charts , vectors charts , which is better and why
as it is in vector charts info stored in layers so u can select the reqd info which v cant do on vecor charts . ...

9 years ago
Comment at Carrying sulpher and fire inside hatch action ?
1.Raise fire alarm 2.Take head count 3.release co2 4.if cant cntrl head 2 d nerst port of refuge. ...

9 years ago
Comment at While dischaging in a tanker you obsereve tank pressures reducing. what are dpossible reasons and how ? explain your actions as
may the ig pressure not coping with disch rate . ...