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9 years ago
Comment at What is static electricity.what precautions would you take regarding tank cleaning so static charge do not accumulate ?
in addition , after discharging flammable cargo , steam must not be used in the take , the lel must be checked .after ventilating the tank and bring the tank atmoshpere to the normal and ...

9 years ago
Comment at While dischaging in a tanker you obsereve tank pressures reducing. what are dpossible reasons and how ? explain your actions as
may be the vaccum side of the pv valve is not working or , the vrl if used, the valve of the vrl is not opened or the vrl line is chocked by some solidifying cargo like hmd or the tank pressure ...

9 years ago
Comment at Sart requirement. what does sart give ?
vsl of >300 but < 500grt should have one sart , vsl >500 grt 2 sart ... ...

9 years ago
Comment at Situations: when you are entering TSS and found a vessel crossing from you are port bow action ?
if the cpa matters , and collision cant be avoided by the give way vsl alone then i will alter other wise , maintain co and speed. ...

9 years ago
Comment at Ur vessel is in TSS , CBD , you see a pd vessel on your port bow , take action
cbd means her draft is restricted by the available depth and width of the nav. water.she cant alter the co she is following. so, reduce speed,call the other vsl on vhf,inform master,inform vts ...

9 years ago
Comment at What are the errors of sextant ?
in addition there are some non-adjustable erroes graduation error,shade error,optical error, prismatic error,telescopic error ...

9 years ago
Comment at What factors you take into account when planning a passage from japan to west coast us ?
check for the availability of all the charts required . we need to cross the IDL (inter. date line).eta to be effectively calculated. ...