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8 years ago
Replied at How does whatsapp make money
Very well written Kashyap, but if that is the case and if 80% will pay Whatsapp, how-come nobody has paid to Whatsapp ! I never paid to Whatsapp till date and yet Whatsapp keeps extending my ...

9 years ago
Up voted comment at Yellow Fever
Yellow Fever Vaccination in Kolkata All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health DEPARTMENT OF MICROBIOLOGY BIDHANNAGAR CAMPUS 27 &27B J.C. BLOCK,SECTOR III SALTLAKE-700098 (Near TANK ...

8 years ago
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1 decades ago
Comment at great effort .....thanks ........
great effort .....thanks ........
great effort .....thanks ..... ...

1 decades ago
Comment at How is the manhole door cut on the boiler steam drum ?
boiler manhole door cut in such a way that its longitudinal stress is proportional to the minor axis, elliptical in shape. to compensate the hoop stress( circumferential), also need to place the ...

1 decades ago
Comment at Variable injection pressure in injectors of me engines , what is it and what are the advantages of injecting at diff press ?
Diff pressure for rate shaping, nox reductions and better performance at low loads ...

1 decades ago
Comment at What's the purpose of the resistance across navigation light indicating led ?
He wanted to hear about the buzzer in the circuit and how it is connected... ...

1 decades ago
Comment at How do you test insulation of hv motor ?
Mr. Sinha was not interested in megger... ...

1 decades ago
Comment at How the bedding is done and why bedding is required for keyless propeller and bearing ? how will you check the surface roughness

1 decades ago
Comment at What is the full form of MAN B&W ?
Maschimenfabriek Augsburg Nurmberg Burmeister and Wain. He further asked me from which countries they belong to? Germany and Denmark. ...