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7 years ago
Replied at How does whatsapp make money
Very well written Kashyap, but if that is the case and if 80% will pay Whatsapp, how-come nobody has paid to Whatsapp ! I never paid to Whatsapp till date and yet Whatsapp keeps extending my ...

8 years ago
Up voted comment at Yellow Fever
Yellow Fever Vaccination in Kolkata All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health DEPARTMENT OF MICROBIOLOGY BIDHANNAGAR CAMPUS 27 &27B J.C. BLOCK,SECTOR III SALTLAKE-700098 (Near TANK ...

8 years ago
followed Rishi Kashyap

10 years ago
Comment at great effort .....thanks ........
great effort .....thanks ........
great effort .....thanks ..... ...

10 years ago
Comment at How is the manhole door cut on the boiler steam drum ?
boiler manhole door cut in such a way that its longitudinal stress is proportional to the minor axis, elliptical in shape. to compensate the hoop stress( circumferential), also need to place the ...

10 years ago
Comment at Variable injection pressure in injectors of me engines , what is it and what are the advantages of injecting at diff press ?
Diff pressure for rate shaping, nox reductions and better performance at low loads ...

10 years ago
Comment at What's the purpose of the resistance across navigation light indicating led ?
He wanted to hear about the buzzer in the circuit and how it is connected... ...

10 years ago
Comment at How do you test insulation of hv motor ?
Mr. Sinha was not interested in megger... ...

10 years ago
Comment at How the bedding is done and why bedding is required for keyless propeller and bearing ? how will you check the surface roughness

10 years ago
Comment at What is the full form of MAN B&W ?
Maschimenfabriek Augsburg Nurmberg Burmeister and Wain. He further asked me from which countries they belong to? Germany and Denmark. ...