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9 years ago
Comment at Situation - you have a vessel 5 points on your starboard quarter.restricted visibility nd radar not working.action.
section II is applicable in this situation. If radar is not working how you come to know there is a vessel 5 points of your stbd. So you are seeing this vsl visually, so Section II of ROR ...

9 years ago
Comment at What is osc wrt iamsar manual ? what is the duties of osc ? what is mrcc , mcc , lut
OSC - On scene Coordinator MRCC - Maritime Rescue Coordination Center. MCC - Mission coordination center LUT - Local User Terminal about duties of OSC refer IAMSAR vol3 ...

9 years ago
Comment at What is squat ? how will you reduce effect of squat ?
Squat is a bodily sinkage of a ship due to its movement through the water and is depend on speed, ship form, and the underwater clearance. The overall decrease in the underkeel clearance fwd. ...

9 years ago
Comment at What is the chart datum to which indian charts are made ?
All indian charts are based on Everest datum. Check MS notice 1/2004 ...

9 years ago
Comment at What is TRS ?
Tropical Revolving Storms which forms in Tropical regions. Northern hemisphere it moves towards north and vice versa in Southern hemisphere. ...

9 years ago
Comment at What is the meaning of "all available means" in rule 5 meant to you ?
A functional radars, VHF, Echo sounder, AIS, Logs, Gps, Ecdis..etc ...