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8 years ago
Comment at Cardinal marks
North- continuous flashing , south- 6 flashing, east- 3 flashings and west- 9 flashings ...

8 years ago
Comment at What is chart datum .why do you see in chart it is mentioned that shift satellite derived positions by certain latitude and long
chart datums are lowest astronomical tide and mean lower low water. ...

8 years ago
Comment at Angel of repose ?
it s angle between horizontal plane and slope obtained when bulk cargo loaded on this plane. ...

8 years ago
Comment at veg food
veg food
yes ..indian cook do both veg and non veg foods. but quanity wise non veg ll be larger ...

8 years ago
Comment at A CBD vessel is overtaking you. your action ?
shall keep my course on and steer. be caution untill overtaking vessel finally past clear. ...

8 years ago
Comment at Lights of vessels aground , trawler , other fishing vessels ?
Vsl Aground- i. two all-round red lights in a vertical line. ii. in fore and aft part, an all-round white light. trawler - i. two all-round lights in vertical line, upper being ...

8 years ago
Comment at good job
good job
good job. should be appreciated. be upto date ...