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4 years ago
Comment at What entry will you make against a person committing an offence ? How would you know what fines to be imposed on him ?
as per article no. 194 and 196 of ms act. date/time position name statement of offense signed by mate, master n 1 wittness. the entire report to be read out to the person. his remarks to ...

4 years ago
Comment at What certificates required for MARPOL ?
annex 1 iopp annex 2 cof for carriage of NLS aanex 3 cof for dangerous chem/ liqified gases annex 4 Ispp annex 5 garbage management plan annex 6 iapp/ seemc ...

4 years ago
Comment at Where will you get info for preparation of load line survey ?

4 years ago
Comment at What are the oil record book entries ?
part 2:tanker >150 grt. marpol annex 1 reg 34. loading disch ballasting of COT. DEballasting of COT. internal tranfer disch of oil through odmcs. Accidental disch. cow n tank ...

4 years ago
Comment at Article of agreement. How MLC affected and what change it carried in AOA ?
MS act requirement. it is TRI-PARTY (seafarer, company n shipping master). ...

4 years ago
Comment at If Indiscipline on board , Bosun slap to 2 off. How will you take action ?
collect evidence. inform master. coduct meeting OLB entry. inform company. ...

4 years ago
Comment at Prepare your ship for intermediate ship safety certificate survey ?
safety certificate includes all 3: srt, safcon, seq. for srt: all radio equipments to be in order. Seq: all LSA/ FFA equipment preperation Safcon: all machinery, deck n E/R, overall ...

4 years ago
Comment at What duties as a chief officer while entering in dry dock ?
sufficient GM as there is virtual loss of GM. proper stowage of cargo. FSC to be reduced. fenders rigged. lockers n lavitories locked. all crew briefed n safety precautions taken. work list ...

4 years ago
Comment at Do you make entry of anchor chain in chain register ?
Yes. ILO ARTICLE 25(2) ...

4 years ago
Comment at On what ground PSC can detain a vessel ?
in short...... safety n pollution grounds. structural working condition of the equipments. certificates maintenance of record stowage n securing of cargo. qualifications/ competency of the ...