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10 years ago
Comment at What is cap
Condition assesment program for tankers of 15 years and more.It concentrates on hull , machinery &cargo systems, rating is from 1-5.It is not mandatory as per any convention ...

10 years ago
Comment at Sewage ceritificates
ISPP certificate which has only got initial & renewal survey ...

10 years ago
Comment at Hav you seen your master reviewing SMS onboard what does he review
Review is done to check the effectiveness of sms ...

10 years ago
Comment at What is goal based system
IMO has developed certain standards for ship building,this standards have to be adhered to by the owners & classification society during the process of ship building.GBS is incorporated in Solas ...

10 years ago
Comment at What d you mean by vessel is classed
It effectively means that vessel has satisfied the requirements of a particular classification society ...

10 years ago
Comment at How will you motivate your juniors
Training, drills, exercises, safety videos, giving incentives, no blame culture and by enahancing their involvement in safety activities ...

10 years ago
Comment at What is rule paramount
Rule paramount concurs to GA, it means expenditure should be reasonably incurred where as clause paramount implies that bill of lading is compulsory ...

10 years ago
Comment at Why is parametric rolling found only in containers ?
Because of large flare and excessive beam of containers ...

10 years ago
Comment at Latest cic of indian mou
Fire safety systems starting from 01.09.12 to 30.11.12 ...

10 years ago
Comment at What are the various methods of carrying out investigation ?
Direct evidence, indirect evidence, photographic evidence& witness ...

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