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4 eSamudra Problems ? >> DG Shipping login problem
Rishi Kashyap
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DG Shipping login problem


What if you forget your DG Shipping login credential ?
Esamudra creates your profile with INDOS Number as your default DG Shipping Login ID and password as your Indos Number followed by "1". So if you never changed your password, it should still be same.

If you changed your password then try "Forgot Password" below the DG Shipping Login button. Enter your User ID & Email id. eSamudra will send the Login credentials to your registered email account. You can try multiple times if you forgot the email id too, do not worry they do not block your account.

If still everything fails then try DG Shipping contact number
Tel. : 91-22-25752040 or 25752282 (e-governance cell, try calling after 11 AM)
Tel. : 91-22-22613651
Tel. : 91-22-22643036 (Helpdesk for DG Shipping website)
Email : egovernance-dgs@nic.in

They will reset your DG Shipping Login credentials.  DG Shipping login problem

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