DG Shipping contact details

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    DG Shipping contact details


    DG Shipping contact details and whom to contact has always been an issue for Indian mariners so listing contact details of DG Shipping below, please add more, if you have details and for which problem you contacted them.

    Shipping Master contact details
    You can contact concerned DG Shipping  Shipping Master for your maritime documents specially Indian CDC details correction, CDC Checker correction, COC etc.

    Government Shipping Office,
    Nau Bhavan, 10, R.K. Marg,
    Ballard Estate,
    Mumbai - 400 001.
    Tel.: 022-2269 7971/ 2269 7972,
    Fax : 022-22693053,
    Email : sm-mum-ship@gov.in / pommdmum-exam-ship@gov.in
    Anchorage Building, 2nd Floor,
    PB No. 5004, Rajaji Salai,
    Chennai- 600 001.
    Tel.: 044-25251107/1108,
    Fax : 044- 25232929,
    Email : sm-chn-ship@gov.in / pommdchn-exam-ship@gov.in
    Marine House, Hastings
    Kolkata- 700 022.
    Tel.: 033-2223 0517/ 30527
    Fax : 033-222 30108,
    Email : sm-kol-ship@gov.in / pommdkol-exam-ship@gov.in

    E-Governance contact details (All Technical Software)
    You can contact E-Governance cell for your DG Shipping esamudra profile, esamudra problems and other esamudra profile issue.
    Tel.: 91-22-25752040 / 41 / 42 / 43 / 45 (Ext 282 or 283)
    Email : egovernance-dgs@gov.in

    DG Shipping contacts for CDC / RPSL related issues
    Below is DG Shipping contact details for INDOS Cell.
    Email : sm-mum-ship@gov.in / sm-kol-ship@gov.in/sm-chn-ship@gov.in

    DG Shipping INDOS cell contact details
    Below is DG Shipping contact details for INDOS Cell.
    Tel.: 91-22-22618068 / 91-22-22618078
    Email : mttindos@gmail.com

    DG Shipping contact details for examination related issues
    Email :
    mmdmum-eexam-ship@gov.in / mmdmum-nexam-ship@gov.in
    mmdkol-eexam-ship@gov.in / mmdkol-nexam-ship@gov.in
    mmdchn-eexam-ship@gov.in / mmdchn-nexam-ship@gov.in
    mmdkhi-eexam-ship@gov.in / mmdkhi-nexam-ship@gov.in
    mmdkla-eexam-ship@gov.in / mmdkla-nexam-ship@gov.in

    DG Shipping Seamen's Employment Office contact details
    Below is DG Shipping contact details for Seamen's Employment Office, Mumbai related queries & Grievances related to RPS.
    Email : dirseo-dgs@gov.in

    DG Shipping contact details general
    Below is DG Shipping contact details for general query.
    Tel. :91-22-25752040 / 41 / 42 / 43 / 45 (Ext 236)
    Tel. :91-22-22643036 (Helpdesk for DG Shipping website)
    Email : helpdesk-dgs@gov.in
    General list of emails and contact can also be found at DG Shipping website.

    Some users have reported that for changing permanent address in Seafarer profile you may send the email to either
    mttindos@gmail.com or egovernance-dgs@gov.in.

    You can also check MMD contact details for reference. I will try to update this post with latest contact details as and when I have more details and please do share this post to help others who might be in need of DG Shipping contact details.

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      022-22631222. I used this number recently for resolving CDC sticker related issue. Ask for mr.AK Singh, shipping master mumbai office.

      Hope this will help.  

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