CDC Checker Correction

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    CDC Checker Correction


    DG Shipping CDC Checker details are sometimes not updated correctly specially after CDC renewal. If CDC Checker is showing wrong details then you are required to contact concerned Shipping Master Office for correction.

    CDC Checker correction Contact details
    Correction in CDC Checker may be done by contacting/email to concerned shipping master (CDC issued) with a copy to supervisory officer at below emails.

    SHIPPING MASTERE-Mail IdSupervisory E-Mail Id
    Shipping Master,
    Shipping Master,
    Shipping Master,

    When to contact for CDC Checker Correction ?
    Doubt / Queries with new Indian CDC Application
    Doubt / Queries with Indian CDC Renewal
    Doubt / Queries for Indian CDC Replacement
    Doubt / Queries for Duplicate CDC
    Correction in online CDC Checker for errors (Indos Number / Issue Date / Expiry date etc.)
    Correction in online Master Checker for errors (Issue Date / Expiry date etc.)
    Correction in Indian CDC for errors (Passport number / Issue Date / Expiry date etc.)
    Correction and linking of INDOS Data with CDC (requires filled xls form)

    CDC Checker
    I got my CDC renewal sticker in 2013 however CDC Checker of DG Shipping was not updated and I emailed them with copy of renewal sticker attached.

    You can download my email format for CDC Checker correction.CDC CHECKER CORRECTION MAIL (zip) [0.47 KB]
    CDC Checker correction duration !
    Most Checker correction (CDC Checker, INDOS Checker, COC Checker, COP Checker) are supposed to be corrected within 24 hours of contacting the concerned department. This information was the reply to my RTI for COC/COP Checker.

    What if CDC Checker is still not updated ?
    Obviously even after mailing, nothing much happened ! While I left RTI as last option, I tried my hands on DG Shipping websites new feature FEEDBACK.
    I reported the problem using their new online Feedback and am attaching the filled form for reference. Remember not to contact them directly. The procedure is to contact the concerned Shipping Master first and when no response received, then to report it to the feedback.

    Each feedback generates a unique Support ID and to my surprise I received a feedback within 1 day that same has been corrected.
    Hope this helps someone and please do share this post to help mariners facing problems with CDC Checker correction !

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