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My RTI Application to DG Shipping >> RTI to DG Shipping for COC COP Checker

RTI to DG Shipping for COC COP Checker


My GMDSS GOC Endorsement form was rejected at MMD Delhi because COC / COP Checker at DG Shipping website was not updated with my details. I was asked to contact MMD Kolkata where I got my GMDSS Endorsement.

While CDC Checker, COC and COP Checker were made with good intention of counteracting fake and forge Personal documents of mariners, they are used at various MMD to harass mariners by asking them to get it updated. My friend was asked to get it updated for OIL DCE at Mumbai MMD. I found out DG Shipping Circular pertaining to to COC / COP Checker where its update is not our responsibilty. COP COC Checker (zip) [68.02 KB]
Since Contacting MMD and Contacting DG Shipping went futile and nobody at MMD was able to guide me I have applied for RTI for this correction in COC and COP Checker. I am also attaching my RTI application in Word format in case someone wants to download and use it for reference.RTI for DG Shipping COC COP Checker (zip) [9.29 KB]  

Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT