My RTI Application to DG Shipping

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    My RTI Application to DG Shipping


    Kashyap kya kar rahe ho ? Dar nahin lagta kya ?
    Lagta hai, but I think in our own country with our own government employees if we are afraid something is terribly wrong somewhere !

    Why are you filing these RTI applications ?
    To get information which MMD's Sir Clerk did not know.

    Your previous RTI application got rejected right ! What makes you think these will be replied ?
    My previous RTI application was rejected as RTI information on DG Shipping website was confusing and I made 10 Rs Postal Order in wrong name.
    There is nothing which makes me think that they will accept these RTI applications even this time ! However I am attaching corrected postal order for reference here.
    I do not think, DG Shipping will accept it or even reply to you ! Is desh ka kuch nahin ho sakta !
    You may be right, but it is not my duty to decide whether the concerned Government officials will reply or not !
    It is not my duty to decide whether they will work on our problems or not !
    It is not my duty to see if they will bring the change or not !
    My duty is to tell the problems we face.
    My duty is to tell what is going wrong.
    My duty is to act and not curse MMD is Sh*t (Why not to join Merchant Navy)

    What are the chances that these problems will be solved ?
    I am working on 0.1% chance. I personally believe that my RTI application will go through minimum 10 people and if there is 1% chance that someone will work on the terrible e-governance system of DG Shipping, I will be satisfied.

    What is wrong with e-governance of DG Shipping now ?
    A lot, for years DG Shipping had a blank page on their website for e-governance but few months ago they merged e-Samudra with e-Governance ! e-Samudra is a small part of e-governance not the full cake. All this confusion about STCW 2010 Refresher Courses or Personal Documents is because of improper implementation of e-governance.  

    We created STCW 2010 Seatime calculator with an attempt to sort this out, however each MMD has a different opinion !
    While there have been some positive steps like DG Shipping Online payment of fees, Captain Pandas clarifying about STCW 2010 etc., but in my 10 Years of Merchant Navy Life, not much have changed ! Mariners are still confused as they were when I joined Merchant Navy after 12th. I intend to write a letter separately under "Citizen Engagement in e-Governance" later.  You can read more
    Framework for Citizen Engagement in NeGP (zip) [850.82 KB]
    Why are you sharing and making these RTI Letters public ?
    Remember we mariners are blessed, we owe so much to our society in general. There are many mariners who asked me how to file an RTI ? My RTI for Passport was successful and I have detailed almost everything there. I am sharing for such people who want to know more about RTI and RTS. I highly recommend an Online RTI Course by Government of India which anyone can do for free and is one of the best thing which I did in one of my vacation !

    With a hope that some mariner will refuse to bribe and try to improve the system, try to bring at least 1% change for future, I am sharing these RTI application to DG Shipping. I will try to update this post with whatever reply I receive and I hope this effort may help Indian mariners in a small way! While there are other means of submitting your RTI application but I personally favor through Head Post master as I get a receipt from the Postal department as to when my RTI application was delivered. scan0001  

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      X RTI to DG Shipping for RTI details

      You can get the PIO, 1st Appellate authority and 2nd Appellate authority for MMD / DG Shipping details from DG Shipping website here However it confused me as to whom the Postal Order to address, resulting in my 1st RTI getting rejected (RTI to DG Shipping for Sea service letter). My RTI application seeking clarification about the RTI details attached below. RTI for RTI Details  

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        X RTI to DG Shipping for Application Forms

        With the advent of STCW 2010 Refresher Courses, there is a chaos at every MMD. Each MMD has been modifying application forms as per their will, resulting in different forms in different MMD. I went to MMD Delhi for GMDSS GOC endorsement and the application form there was different from what I received in MMD Kolkata (Manually altered).GMDSS Endorsement Form MMD Delhi vs MMD Kolkata
         We created STCW 2010 Seatime Calculator referring various DG Shipping Circulars, even then various MMD are confused and manual alteration of Forms have added more confusion into the requirement.
        Under the e-governance initiative these forms not only need to be uniform but also available publicly.

        I must acknowledge here that MMD Chennai has done commendable job by uploading and updating most forms online however MMD Delhi Stamps each form, refusing your downloaded forms, creating disparity in procedure.

        My below RTI to DG Shipping for Application forms attempts to clarify this confusion and whether these online forms are acceptable at various MMD or not ! I am attaching my RTI application in Word format in case someone wants to download and use it for reference. RTI for DG Shipping Forms (zip) [9.21 KB]  

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          X RTI to DG Shipping for COC COP Checker

          My GMDSS GOC Endorsement form was rejected at MMD Delhi because COC / COP Checker at DG Shipping website was not updated with my details. I was asked to contact MMD Kolkata where I got my GMDSS Endorsement.

          While CDC Checker, COC and COP Checker were made with good intention of counteracting fake and forge Personal documents of mariners, they are used at various MMD to harass mariners by asking them to get it updated. My friend was asked to get it updated for OIL DCE at Mumbai MMD. I found out DG Shipping Circular pertaining to to COC / COP Checker where its update is not our responsibilty. COP COC Checker (zip) [68.02 KB]
          Since Contacting MMD and Contacting DG Shipping went futile and nobody at MMD was able to guide me I have applied for RTI for this correction in COC and COP Checker. I am also attaching my RTI application in Word format in case someone wants to download and use it for reference.RTI for DG Shipping COC COP Checker (zip) [9.29 KB]  

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            X RTI to DG Shipping for Fees refund procedure

            DG Shipping increased MMD Fees this year and also started online payment of fees.
            MMD Fees once deposited are non-refundable !

            In my case when MMD Delhi refused my GMDSS Endorsement renewal because of COP Checker, I was forced to go to MMD Kolkata and my fees deposited at Delhi was never returned. At MMD Kolkata I saw that fees validity is only 3 months ! Again I never found any DG Shipping Circular for it, making me wonder does each MMD follow this uniformly or is there discrepancy here too ! Fees valid for 3 months
            The sad part was that I found some mariners whose online fees was deducted and still the webpage was reported to show Fees not received. While other e-commerce portals have clear refund policies, MMD e-governance has neglected such clear instructions. I am attaching my RTI letter in word format for interested mariners to download.RTI DG Shipping Fees (zip) [9.23 KB]

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              X RTI to DG Shipping for Time bound service

              To my surprise DG Shipping does list the duration within which each of our document need to be renewed / issued under CITIZEN CHARTER webpage.

              However in my 10 years of Merchant Navy Life, I never received any receipt for the forms I ever submitted. DG Shipping circular does say that a xerox copy should be stamped and returned by MMD as receipt of the form, however at MMD Kolkata and MMD Delhi (Noida) they refused to stamp and return any xerox copies for GMDSS Endorsement !

              Think about it for time bound service under Right to Service (RTS) act a receipt becomes necessary for calculation of duration ! I have collected separately through DG Shipping Circulars the duration of most of the Personal Documents which I will try to share soon, however some still did not define this duration clearly. You can download my RTI for Time bound services in word format for reference.RTI DG Shipping Time bound services (zip) [9.19 KB]  

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                X RTI to DG Shipping for Sea-service letter

                To counteract forged and fake documents DG Shipping has provided checks for your sea-time done in following ways

                1. CDC entry by master of sailed vessel.
                2. Original Sea-service letter in format prescribed in "Certificate of Watchkeeping / testimonial for Certificate of Competency examination purposes" dated 18.09.2014 from master of sailed vessel.
                3. Original Sea-service letter from Company with RPSL number in letterhead from RPSL approved / Indian Company worked for mentioned in all MMD Application forms.
                4. Form 3A to be filled by RPSL Approved Shipping Companies as per "Crew Branch Circular 03 of 2012" dated 03.07.12
                Since shipping is going through a bad phase, some small shipping companies are getting shut, getting sea-service letter from such companies become impossible after closing of such companies. This happened with me and while my FORM 3A data were updated correctly MMD Surveyors either wanted a sea-time letter from company or placed me under non-completion of sea-service in last 5 years . You can find attached my RTI for Sea-service letter in Word format for reference. RTI DG Shipping Sea time Letter (zip) [8.79 KB]
                While I wanted to send more RTI application for mariners with Foreign national COC (UK, Panama etc.) which MMD refuse to accept without any notice or circular, but left it with a hope that some concerned mariner would do the same for us and share the information !  

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