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My RTI Application to DG Shipping >> RTI to DG Shipping for Fees refund procedure

RTI to DG Shipping for Fees refund procedure


DG Shipping increased MMD Fees this year and also started online payment of fees.
MMD Fees once deposited are non-refundable !

In my case when MMD Delhi refused my GMDSS Endorsement renewal because of COP Checker, I was forced to go to MMD Kolkata and my fees deposited at Delhi was never returned. At MMD Kolkata I saw that fees validity is only 3 months ! Again I never found any DG Shipping Circular for it, making me wonder does each MMD follow this uniformly or is there discrepancy here too ! Fees valid for 3 months
The sad part was that I found some mariners whose online fees was deducted and still the webpage was reported to show Fees not received. While other e-commerce portals have clear refund policies, MMD e-governance has neglected such clear instructions. I am attaching my RTI letter in word format for interested mariners to download.RTI DG Shipping Fees (zip) [9.23 KB]

Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT