DG Shipping to start online payment of fees

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DG Shipping to start online payment of fees


DG Shipping started its e-Samudra module back in 2010, I thought it would end decades old culture of harassing Indian mariners. Not surprisingly, it never happened !

In fact e-samudra has its own set of problems. The idea of collecting the challan and submitting it to the MMD for assessment of sea-time and booking of maritime oral exams (after filling your esamudra DG Shipping profile), still remains the most stupid idea of "DG Shipping e-governance".

Anyways that was past and after half a decade DG Shipping did realize it and to quote the Deputy of DG ShippingHowever, it has been analyzed that in certain cases, footfalls into the office have actually not gone down; the reason thereof being, chiefly;
3.1.1 The requirement of submission of the hard copy of a signed application form, along with supporting documentation.
3.1.2 Payment of the prescribed fee
So DG Shipping is starting online payment for most of its e-governance modules (details here PDF) including

  1. Chartering Module
  2. Licensing and chartering permission Module
  3. Examination Module
  4. CDC Module
  5. MTO Module
  6. INDOS Module
  7. Ship Registration and mortgage Module
While this notice is issued on November 2014, the process will be done in a phased manner, hence the online payment for both Examination and INDOS will commence hopefully by 01 January 2015. There are plans to simplify CDC renewal procedure even more in coming years.

I think this could be the best gift, the new year will bring for Indian mariners and will reduce some of their maritime frustration. Do share this to rejoice with your friends.  DG Shipping to start online payment of fees

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