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My RTI Application to DG Shipping >> RTI to DG Shipping for Sea-service letter

RTI to DG Shipping for Sea-service letter


To counteract forged and fake documents DG Shipping has provided checks for your sea-time done in following ways

  1. CDC entry by master of sailed vessel.
  2. Original Sea-service letter in format prescribed in "Certificate of Watchkeeping / testimonial for Certificate of Competency examination purposes" dated 18.09.2014 from master of sailed vessel.
  3. Original Sea-service letter from Company with RPSL number in letterhead from RPSL approved / Indian Company worked for mentioned in all MMD Application forms.
  4. Form 3A to be filled by RPSL Approved Shipping Companies as per "Crew Branch Circular 03 of 2012" dated 03.07.12
Since shipping is going through a bad phase, some small shipping companies are getting shut, getting sea-service letter from such companies become impossible after closing of such companies. This happened with me and while my FORM 3A data were updated correctly MMD Surveyors either wanted a sea-time letter from company or placed me under non-completion of sea-service in last 5 years . You can find attached my RTI for Sea-service letter in Word format for reference. RTI DG Shipping Sea time Letter (zip) [8.79 KB]
While I wanted to send more RTI application for mariners with Foreign national COC (UK, Panama etc.) which MMD refuse to accept without any notice or circular, but left it with a hope that some concerned mariner would do the same for us and share the information !  

Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT