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RTI to DG Shipping for Application Forms


With the advent of STCW 2010 Refresher Courses, there is a chaos at every MMD. Each MMD has been modifying application forms as per their will, resulting in different forms in different MMD. I went to MMD Delhi for GMDSS GOC endorsement and the application form there was different from what I received in MMD Kolkata (Manually altered).GMDSS Endorsement Form MMD Delhi vs MMD Kolkata
 We created STCW 2010 Seatime Calculator referring various DG Shipping Circulars, even then various MMD are confused and manual alteration of Forms have added more confusion into the requirement.
Under the e-governance initiative these forms not only need to be uniform but also available publicly.

I must acknowledge here that MMD Chennai has done commendable job by uploading and updating most forms online however MMD Delhi Stamps each form, refusing your downloaded forms, creating disparity in procedure.

My below RTI to DG Shipping for Application forms attempts to clarify this confusion and whether these online forms are acceptable at various MMD or not ! I am attaching my RTI application in Word format in case someone wants to download and use it for reference. RTI for DG Shipping Forms (zip) [9.21 KB]  

Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT