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My RTI Application to DG Shipping >> RTI to DG Shipping for Time bound service

RTI to DG Shipping for Time bound service


To my surprise DG Shipping does list the duration within which each of our document need to be renewed / issued under CITIZEN CHARTER webpage.

However in my 10 years of Merchant Navy Life, I never received any receipt for the forms I ever submitted. DG Shipping circular does say that a xerox copy should be stamped and returned by MMD as receipt of the form, however at MMD Kolkata and MMD Delhi (Noida) they refused to stamp and return any xerox copies for GMDSS Endorsement !

Think about it for time bound service under Right to Service (RTS) act a receipt becomes necessary for calculation of duration ! I have collected separately through DG Shipping Circulars the duration of most of the Personal Documents which I will try to share soon, however some still did not define this duration clearly. You can download my RTI for Time bound services in word format for reference.RTI DG Shipping Time bound services (zip) [9.19 KB]  

Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT