Latest CDC renewal Online Procedure

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Latest CDC renewal Online Procedure


A complete step by step procedure for online application of CDC Replacement with screenshots (For new booklet issue)

Cdc replacement Online Process Part 1 (pdf) [1.37 MB]Cdc replacement Online Process Part 2 (pdf) [1.51 MB]Cdc replacement Online Process Part 3 (pdf) [1.47 MB]Cdc replacement Online Process Part 4 (pdf) [1.36 MB]Cdc replacement Online Process Part 5 (pdf) [935.78 KB]
NOTE: Unable to attach MS NOTICES mentioned in the Last Part - please refer DG Website to look up these notices.  

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Deep Dsouza
X cdc replacment pointers

This a a very good post by Samrat. I had the opportunity to do the Master's revalidation with him a few years back.
A few pointers like.

1. ENSURE that your indos (verify the master checker) is fully updated before applying for any service. I had to update the expiry date on my cdc and read someplace else that if not done in a week then to use the feedback and grievances form and viola !!! that route worked and the dates were updated the very next day.

2. Follow the instructions given on the dg website to the tee. Nothing more nothing less.

3. Photo and signature are vitally important. Make sure that you do it at a professional studio and ask for the soft copy which you can easily upload. At the same time have the photographer help you with the signature in pdf format(or it could take you hours). Use a light colored shirt for your photo.

4. Apply yourself. Don't get any third party/xerox shop involved. If they make even the slightest mistake in your form you will have to run from Pillar to post to get it rectified....they won't and cannot.
      Having said that it is rare to find a computer which is running internet explorer 9.0 these days (I hope that the dg shiping IT guys change to a more user available platform soon). I kept my old computer just for this very purposes. If you can get your hands on an old copy of internet explorer then install that on your computers in a separate file and use it only for this purpose.

5. If you have done everything correctly. you should get your cdc back in 2 to 3 weeks time. I know...that anticipation is killing.

6. Once the status online changes to application approved it basically means that it has gone for printing and you can expect it in a week or 2.

Wish you the best and enjoy your vacation.

O yes and upload your basic and refresher courses in one file.  

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