Indian CDC replacement procedure 2019

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Indian CDC replacement procedure 2019


I needed to replace my old Indian CDC as it was a bit torn and immigration officials in some countries warned to replace Indian CDC. I think Samrat Biswas has written in detail about latest CDC renewal online procedure, and I recommend everyone to check his BLOG too !

You can go to Esamudra website and login.
Under SEAFARER section click the "CDC Management & CoC as Cook"
Online Application for Duplicate CDC, Replacement of CDC is available at the link 'Submit Application'. If you will hover over the SUBMIT APPLICATION on top left corner then you will get following options

Choose Replacement of CDC
The webpage is divided into 6 tabs
1. Personal Details
2. Address
3. Next-Of-Kin
4. STCW Course
5. Fee Details
6. Attach Documents

While you can choose any shipping master for CDC replacement application, I chose Kolkata as it was nearest to Dhanbad.  Most of these tabs seemed self explanatory. However, in STCW Courses I entered only the last courses e.g. if Refresher courses were done then those, else last done STCW course. I entered following

Once all data filled, form submitted and acknowledged payment can be made by clicking on top left
OTHERS >> Pay fees, Upload Document & View Application Status.
A table with your application details will be shown. Look for "Click to Pay Now" under "Fees Paid date". If there is any issue in Fees payment following is suggested by DG Shipping website
1.)After ePayment Transaction,If amount getting debited from your account and not reflected same against your application.
You are requested not to make repeat epayment against the same application/Transaction and wait for 3 woking days.
Please write a mail to '' with the subject line 'Online ePayment Issue' along with Application No., Transaction Id,Date of Payment and Amount paid,if payment details not updated against the same online application no. after 3 working days.  
2.) The users are once again advised not to make the multiple ePayment in cases where the amount is debited from the user but the same is not reflecting against the application. However in such cases where the users still make multiple payments in spite of the instruction mentioned, the user may request for refund of the extra payment made to the concerned "Office applied" to by email along with a copy marked to ''.
3.) The refund in such cases would be processed after the verification of the data received from the bank & if the refund request is found to be correct the bank would be instructed to refund back the amount.
4.)The entire process will be completed in a period of one month. Never the less the users are requested to avoid making multiple payments, thus avoiding the entire process of refund.
5.) In case of refund, the fees will be credited subject to deduction of the processing charges by the Bank.

Indian CDC Replacement procedure documents
Uploading of documents can be done next by clicking "Upload Now" in last column of the above table. It will open a webpage which lists all documents required viz
Scan copy of signed online applicationSigned and scanned in PDF format
Passport size (3.5 cm X 3.5 cm) photograph with clear white background face covering 70%JPG format image
Scanned signature of seafarerJPG format image
Self attested scanned copy of Indian CDC (first and last two pages)Scanned in PDF format
Proof of STCW Familiarisation Courses (all Certificates in a single pdf file)Scanned in single PDF format
Self attested scan copy of proof of Indian citizenship document (Passport or any other document)Scanned in PDF format

Once the documents are uploaded properly, "Document Upload Status" changes to View. You can click on this link to view the uploaded files.

Once all documents are uploaded, payments done, its time to send your Original CDC to your selected Shipping Master. Shipping masters contact details are listed in DG Shipping contact number. I Speed-post the CDC with that filled Form. Remember to take the printout of form after making payment so that payment details are included in the form. Do sign the form before sending it along with your old CDC. On top of the Envelope I wrote CDC REPLACEMENT FORM REP/SMO(K)/2019/**** (YOUR INDIAN CDC REPLACEMENT FORM DETAILS).
To me sending my original CDC was quite scary but that is how it is ! Will follow with the INDIAN CDC REPLACEMENT STATUS TRACKING soon.

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Rishi Kashyap
8.68 K

E-Samudra keeps an applicant informed by updating the "Application Status" column of the APPLICATION STATUS Table. I applied on 9th May 2019 and sent my Original CDC on 10th May 2019. To me it seems like MMD starts to process the form only after receiving the original old CDC !

I received email feedback with "Kindly Upload The Biodata Page Of The Cdc Booklet Within 03 Days" on 14 May 2019. I later realized that I missed scanning my address pages in CDC (Took "last 2 pages" too literally ! Thankfully I had a scanned copy of all pages with me. Lesson learnt was that before sending original CDC have copies of all pages with you, just in case you need it !
Indian CDC Replacement statusI uploaded the required pages on 16 May 2019 and by 19 may the application status changed to "Application approved". MMD Speed-posted my new CDC on 21 May 2019 which I received on 24 May 2019. So overall you should get your old CDC replaced with new one within 15 days !

You will receive your old CDC punched and stamped "Not for service but for reference only". There is also an acknowledgement slip which is requested to be acknowledged as receipt ! While a simple online acknowledgement would be much easy sending a filled slip, back, seemed quite impractical ! I did not acknowledge it ! Practically MMD can track speed-post status too from the India Post portal if they needed to !
OLD INDIAN CDC REPLACEMENT AFTER RETURNIf you found Indian CDC Replacement procedure helpful, please do share it. :)

Rishi Kashyap | EDITED | EDIT | REPLY