For CDC Renewal apply to any Shipping Master now

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For CDC Renewal apply to any Shipping Master now


While previously, Indian seafarers needed to apply for CDC renewal sticker or Duplicate / Replacement of CDC to Shipping Master to where the CDC was issued, with the recent DG Shipping Circular, you can apply to any Shipping master at the Government Shipping Offices of Mumbai, Kolkata or Chennai !

Another good thing to notice is the time duration to maximum 3 days ! The Shipping office which has not issued your CDC, if receives your CDC renewal form, has to verify it using CDC Checker. If your details are not uploaded in CDC Checker, the said shipping office needs to contact CDC issuing office via e-mail. The CDC issuing office in turn needs to reply within 3 working days. While I still have not found the time limit within which CDC should be renewed, but past feedback from most mariners indicate that CDC is getting renewed within 10 to 40 days maximum, unless your CDC form is rejected. Note that other CDC renewal procedure remains same and DG Shipping still does not entertain manual submission of CDC renewal form (ZIP).

DG Shipping is still long way to digitize all INDOS data or every CDC in CDC Checker. Even after more than 2 years of my getting CDC renewal Sticker, still CDC checker shows my old CDC data, infact like eSamudra problems, most of the times CDC Checker too does not work (At the time of writing its not working in IE or Firefox). Anyways you can get more details here

DG Shipping started online payment of fees since 01 Jan 2015 and its recent changes reflect a positive attitude to end certain red-tapism in Maritime personal documentation. Hopefully the new year brings positive changes for Mariners, hey that reminds me, wishing a very Happy new year 2015 to all :)  

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