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CDC Renewal status


Please note you can do CDC renewal online now ! MMD has started rejecting application sent through post. Please check latest online CDC renewal procedure
How can one track CDC renewal status once CDC Renewal Form is send ?
You need to send a self addressed post card along with your documents. CDC renewal status will be send back to you on this post card. You will be assigned a file number on this post card for future reference related to your CDC Sticker application.

How long does it take :
18 May 2013 - Dispatched filled CDC Renewal Form, copies of documents.
08 Jun 2013 - Received the file number detailed in self addressed Post Card.
03 Jul 2013 - Received CDC Renewal sticker

What if you do not receive post card or CDC renewal sticker even after 2 months ?
I think the only way to get details then would be first to verify from your post/courier office, date shipment was delivered. Contact DG Shipping by e-mail / registered post OR file an RTI application for CDC Renewal status. You can check my RTI to DG Shipping.

While in my case CDC Checker never updated my renewed CDC Data, but it seems like lately CDC Checker are updated prior sending your CDC renewal sticker. Thanks to Navin Barthwal for his reply regarding this!  CDC Renewal status  

Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT
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    One of my friend got his CDC renewal form rejected as he got his documents notary attested (YOU NEED TO SELF ATTEST, SIGN AND DATE AS DETAILED BEFORE ).
    He got his postcard returned blank and also received a rejection letter from DG Shipping detailing the reason of rejection within 1 month of applying for CDC renewal. Attaching his rejection letter for referenceJAHAJEE

    Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT | REPLY
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    Did u get the entire packet of urs which u sent or only postcard ?

    Mohit Sabharwal | | EDIT | REPLY
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    My friend got rejection letter and blank postcard. Packet was never returned. Best of luck friend.

    Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT | REPLY
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    hi rishi,
    I am UK Master COC holder and sent my CDC for renewal to Shipping Master Mumbai on 19th December, Yesterday i rcvd rejection of form from them stating that the DG Mumbai approved Modular course certificates are not submitted.
    I sent PSSR and Medicare certificates from UK college whereas AFF Course and PSCRB Course was from LBS CAMSAR and TS Rahman respectively. Can you advise the possible reason of rejection.

    Gaurav Chaturvedi | | EDIT | REPLY
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    I have PSSR and PST certificates from singapore and have done my cdc renewal in 2012 eithout any issues.
    All other certificates are from India.I am applying for replacement CDC now.Will there be any idsues please

    Vishwanath Verma | | EDIT | REPLY