Lost my Indian CDC

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    Lost my Indian CDC


    Please advice me what to do, fellow seamen. I was transiting from Singapore to Delhi via Chennai, and then, after checking my bags in Delhi, I lost my CDC. Can anyone tell me the exact procedure for this? Thanks.

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      All you have to do is to apply for a Duplicate CDC. You have to get a FIR done. For more information, check out the DG shipping site and download forms for applying for a Duplicate CDC. But there may be delays and no one can tell you the definite waiting period. Mr. Jahajee, Reading in copy, kindly suggest a very effective way to solve Mr.Virtually funny's as well my problem. Funnily, when i was just searching the net using google search for cdc revalidation, i happened to go through some blogs in rti, consumer complaints, that have complaints about in-action, long time waiting for CDC Revalidation, new applications, etc, etc, the list is very long.  

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      I admit I am late, but perhaps it may still help someone in future.

      Download CDC Renewal form @ M.S. Notice 24 of 2012 Dated 04.12.2012. To me CDC renewal form is self explanatory. It covers not only CDC Renewal procedure but also duplicate and lost CDC replacement procedure.

      Listing down few important points

      1. You will need to pay non-refundable fee of Rs.1000/- through Demand Draft (in favour of Shipping Master, Mumbai payable at Mumbai)
      2. Attested copy of proper FIR (in case of duplicate CDC for loss of CDC cases)
      3. No need of attestation by Gazetted Officer, Self attestation accepted on copies of your documents.
      4. Do not forget to write your Full name and date of self attestation also.
      5. Use only CAPITAL LETTERS while filling your CDC Renewal form.
      6. Avoid over-writing !
      7. Fill & send only page number 4 to 8 (first 3 instruction pages are only for reference)
      8. Write on top left hand of the envelope (containing documents/CDC renewal form) in BLOCK LETTERS Replacement/Duplicate/Re-validation of CDC as required.
      9. Write your name on the reverse of your photograph.
      10. Send the application by Registered / Speed post / Courier service to the Shipping Master (from where CDC was obtained i.e. Mumbai or Kolkata or Chennai address given in the CDC Renewal form)
      11. Documents required for CDC Replacement is detailed in Section II (B) of the CDC Renewal Form

      You can download my CDC Renewal form filled for reference and details at CDC Renewal procedure.
      I chose Speed post for sending my duly filled CDC Renewal Form.

      While my case was not of lost CDC but of CDC renewal sticker, it took me 1.5 months to get the renewal sticker. Trust @Karan.Nandha, @virtuallyfunny or @parkit may help you with an exact time frame about the duration it takes. Thank you.
      Please note you can do CDC renewal online now ! MMD has started rejecting application sent through post. Please check Latest CDC renewal online and continue conversation there

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