Damage stability booklet and damage stability plan what al info you will get ?

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    A damage control plan show
    •Should be in scale adequate to show clearly the required contents of the plan, but not less than 1:200
    •Inboard Profile
    •Planned views of each deck
    •transverse sections
    The following is to be shown
    1. w/t boundaries of the ship
    2.location and arrangement of cross flooding systems , blow out plugs and any mechanical means to correct list due to flooding, together with locations of all valves and remote controls if any
    3.locations of all watertight closing appliance including internal door or ramps (RORO) -their controls indicators alarms etc. Location of doors / ramps to be kept closed when at sea(SOLAS II-1/15) must be clearly indicated
    4.location of all doors in the shell , position indicators, leakage detection and surveillance devices
    6.Location of Bilge and Ballast pumps and valves associated and their controls
    7.Pipes, ducts or tunnel if any through which limited progressive flooding has been accepted by the admin.

    Damgae stability booklet
    • Principal Dimensions
    • Damage Assumptions
    • Survival Criteria
    • Description of damage case
    • Margin line data
    • procedure to investigate damage stability
    • procedure for max allowable kg curve and corresponding minimum required loading weights (curve of minimum operational GM
    • Example Calculations
    • Appendices

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