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5 years ago
Comment at Hazards of carrying chemical cargoes ?
Hazards for chemical cargo differs from cargo to cargo MSDS for the cargo to be carried needs to be referred In general the hazards are as ...

5 years ago
Comment at Deck seal ?
Deck seal is provide mainly on Oil tankers to prevent backflow of vapours(HC or Ig) back to the IGG plant. Deck seal is of three types: 1.Wet type 2.Semi wet type 3.Dry type On chemical ...

5 years ago
Comment at Flash pt.
It is the minimum temperature at which enough vapours are produced to bring about a momentary flash when a source of ignition is introduced. There are two methods for finding flash ...

5 years ago
Comment at In oil tanker oil is leaking wat is our first acton
Oil spill is s major emergency.Mustering is not required, spill containment is the only method. 1.Shut the spill source(Use ESD if required) 2.Shout"oil spill" 3.Inform bridge about the ...

5 years ago
Comment at Funtctional test of scba
Visual test Cylinder pressure test Low pressure whistle test face mask leak test positive pressure test(demand valve test) ...

5 years ago
Comment at Pyrotechniques on bridge ?
12 Rocket Parachutes 4 Line throwing apparatus ...

5 years ago
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5 years ago
Replied at How many team are there for any emergency on board ?
4teams 1.Command team 2.Emergency team 3.Technical team 4.First-aid team Emergency team consist of 4 people which is further divided into two groups ...