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Entries in official log book ?

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The following entries shall be mandatorily made as per MSA:
a) Record of change of command with the list of certificates taken over.
b) any disciplinary action taken against a crew member either by a tribunal or by the Master, along with the reply of the crew member.
c) Any death occurring on-board, the list of effects of the deceased, the cause of death if ascertained etc.
d) any marriage conducted on board aling with the name and age of both the parties.
e) Any births that may have occurred on board with the name of the parents and the sex of the baby.
f) Any protests that have been lodged and the reason thereto.
g) In case of any accident on board, the details thereof.
h) In case of collision, the details of the other ship(s) involved.
i) In case of any illness of any crew member, its details including the treatment given.
j) Detail of any crew member left behind or deserted.
k) Any other entry considered necessary by the Master.

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