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Rishi Kashyap
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GMDSS GOC renewal payment through BHARATKOSH


GOC renewal payment through BHARATKOSH is the first step since your payment detail needs to be filled in the GMDSS Form. Here too RLO Mumbai website gives step by step procedure for BHARATKOSH payment. Beware though, the procedure is for GMDSS License and not GMDSS GOC renewal !

I am attaching BHARATKOSH payment screen page duly filled for reference.
On successful completion of payment a transaction receipt with transaction reference number is generated. Please download that receipt as it will be required for GMDSS form filling.

WPC has set a help desk at Room 1312, Sanchar bhawan, New delhi which can be contacted at

I found some BLOGS detailing BHARATKOSH payment procedure with Regional office payments. My last application for GMDSS GOC renewal in Jul 2019, was rejected because of this ! I have attached the rejection letter with "GMDSS GOC renewal status" for reference. The letter clearly states following settings
Purpose : GMDSS (GOC)
PAO: 077188-Controller of Communication Accounts, PAO Headquarter
DDO: 205155-DDO, SO(Cash), New Delhi
My GMDSS GOC is issued from New Delhi and I am unsure whether this is a universal setting for all RLO or only for Delhi. If somebody reading can reply/share to this with his personal experience for different RLO, it will certainly be beneficial. Thanks in advance.

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