GMDSS GOC renewal procedure

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GMDSS GOC renewal procedure


GMDSS GOC renewal procedure changed a lot since I last applied, in 2015 (GMDSS Renewal procedure). While a simple integration of payment gateway on WPC website could have solved ages old issue, involvement of BHARATKOSH has resulted in more headache. Even a good thesis on GMDSS renewal could not prevent my application from getting rejected in July 2019 thanks to wrong information in various BLOGS on internet (or who knows they changed the payment details later !!)

This GMDSS GOC renewal procedure Blog consists of 4 parts

  1. Recent changes in GOC renewal procedure
  2. GMDSS GOC renewal payment through BHARATKOSH
  3. GMDSS Form filling and relevant documents
  4. Form submission and GOC renewal status
Before I start with recent changes done for applying GMDSS GOC renewal, few abbreviations for reference
DDO - Drawing and Disbursing Office
DoT - Department of Telecommunication
NTRP - Non Tax-receipt Portal aka BHARATKOSH
PAO - Pay & Account Office
RLO - Regional Licensing Office
WPC - Wireless Planning and Coordination
Recent Changes to GMDSS GOC renewal procedure
  1. WPC issued circulars about change of payment method and fees in 2017 & 2018. This made payments to be done through BHARATKOSH portal  only and not by Bank draft.
  2. Increase of fees to
    INR 5000 for 20 years validity
    INR 10000 for lifetime validity (Age 80)
  3. Since validity of GMDSS GOC issued will be based on your age now, sending attested copies of 1st page of your GOC for your birtday is a requirement now !
  4. Duration of applying also increased to 12 months before expiry of GMDSS GOC instead of 6 months
  5. No need to register and nothing to do on WPC website !
  6. For more details and details about renewal after expiry of GOC, recommend you to please check their 2018 circular
I also highly recommend to go through RLO mumbai website which is far more helpful then WPC website which is shut down now !


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Rishi Kashyap
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X GMDSS GOC renewal payment through BHARATKOSH

GOC renewal payment through BHARATKOSH is the first step since your payment detail needs to be filled in the GMDSS Form. Here too RLO Mumbai website gives step by step procedure for BHARATKOSH payment. Beware though, the procedure is for GMDSS License and not GMDSS GOC renewal !

I am attaching BHARATKOSH payment screen page duly filled for reference.
On successful completion of payment a transaction receipt with transaction reference number is generated. Please download that receipt as it will be required for GMDSS form filling.

WPC has set a help desk at Room 1312, Sanchar bhawan, New delhi which can be contacted at

I found some BLOGS detailing BHARATKOSH payment procedure with Regional office payments. My last application for GMDSS GOC renewal in Jul 2019, was rejected because of this ! I have attached the rejection letter with "GMDSS GOC renewal status" for reference. The letter clearly states following settings
Purpose : GMDSS (GOC)
PAO: 077188-Controller of Communication Accounts, PAO Headquarter
DDO: 205155-DDO, SO(Cash), New Delhi
My GMDSS GOC is issued from New Delhi and I am unsure whether this is a universal setting for all RLO or only for Delhi. If somebody reading can reply/share to this with his personal experience for different RLO, it will certainly be beneficial. Thanks in advance.

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Rishi Kashyap
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X GMDSS Form and relevant documents

As always WPC never had an updated COP-23 form on their website, however RLO Mumbai did had a Word doc format form but it has old payment details and many wrong information in that ! Anyways I edited that word doc and converted it to PDF for filling by hand ! Why by hand ?? Because its first line states "in block letters" and  I already had my form rejected once ! Having said that I still recommend typing in doc format, at least you can easily edit your error rather than writing again full (which I had to go through) :(

Documents required for GMDSS GOC renewal

(a) Completed COP-23 form
(b) Copy of CDC (for proof of experience greter than 6 months within 5 years immediately preceding the date of expiry of license)
(c) Copy of COC
(d) Copy of GMDSS GOC (Page with birth date, Issued place)   previous GMDSS GOC renewal letter
(e) Printed copy of receipt of fee paid online
(f) Self addressed stamped envelope.

I am attaching both empty & filled COP-23 form for reference along with all relevant WPC/RLO circulars for GMDSS GOC renewal. Attachment also has contact details of every concerned RLO. Hope you will find it helpful.
According to GAURANG DOSHI, who replied that WPC wants your GMDSS GOC details under section 5 for cert of competency number. When I applied in July 2019 I wrote my GOC details in Section 5 but when reapplying in Feb 2020, by mistake I wrote my COC details ! (This is what happens when you are too careful with anything :) ) Will wait to see if GMDSS renewal application gets rejected or not for this error ! Anyways I have highlighted this in attached filled COP-23 GMDSS renewal form.

I sent above documents to following address in an envelope duly marked "GMDSS GOC Renewal" The Assistant Wireless Adviser to the Govt. of India,
Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing, COP Section,
Department of Telecom, 619,
Sanchar Bhawan, 20,
Ashoka Road,
New Delhi - 110001
GMDSS GOC renewal Form Submission envelope

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Rishi Kashyap
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X GMDSS GOC renewal status

WPC RLO Mumbai has a RENEWAL STATUS page on their website. Since mine was issued from Delhi, it was of no use ! For other RLO I cannot find any website to track the status of GMDSS GOC renewal ! An RTI to WPC by Capt Pawan Duggirala clarifies that GMDSS GOC renewal time frame by WPC is only 15 days.
WPC RLO Mumbai states and I will quote It can take about 20 to 30 days to complete the renewal process So be patient for good 30 days. If your form is rejected you should receive the rejection letter within 20 to 30 days. There are mainly 5 reasons to reject renewal application as detailed in image below.
In my case it was reason 5 - wrong payment details as explained before. While I admit that the procedure is not properly documented anywhere but if your BHARATKOSH payment is done properly and form is filled correctly most of my friends received the GMDSS renewal letter well within 20 days.

While I have tried to input all details and my personal experience, any information I may have missed please feel free to add in reply or edit my post if required !
If this post helped you do UPVOTE it and don't forget to share it to help your friends too ! Happy vacations !

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