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GMDSS GOC renewal status


WPC RLO Mumbai has a RENEWAL STATUS page on their website. Since mine was issued from Delhi, it was of no use ! For other RLO I cannot find any website to track the status of GMDSS GOC renewal ! An RTI to WPC by Capt Pawan Duggirala clarifies that GMDSS GOC renewal time frame by WPC is only 15 days.
WPC RLO Mumbai states and I will quote It can take about 20 to 30 days to complete the renewal process So be patient for good 30 days. If your form is rejected you should receive the rejection letter within 20 to 30 days. There are mainly 5 reasons to reject renewal application as detailed in image below.
In my case it was reason 5 - wrong payment details as explained before. While I admit that the procedure is not properly documented anywhere but if your BHARATKOSH payment is done properly and form is filled correctly most of my friends received the GMDSS renewal letter well within 20 days.

While I have tried to input all details and my personal experience, any information I may have missed please feel free to add in reply or edit my post if required !
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