How to Upload Files in

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    How to Upload Files in


    After 14 Dec 2013 Update we merged all files in Download section into Merchant Navy Forum files. Initially file uploads were separate and had separate form for it, it had few drawbacks

    1. You needed to upload files separately in download section
    2. If that file concerned with any topic then get the link of uploaded file and post it again in that post
    3. Details for each uploaded files had 50 character limit
    Files upload procedure
    You can upload files directly in concerned MMD / MCA Oral Question , Merchant Navy Forum or even in your own Blogs. Presently you can upload any file with any post / comment / reply.

    You can upload new files at Merchant Navy forum New Topic or  "NEW BLOG" under your profile (BLOGS section). Just click the setting icon shown below. Available setting options include :

    1. Tags
    We highly recommend you to tag your content / files for better search visibility. While we are working on indexing each post but your tagging will help everyone in categorizing each post/files for easier reference.

    2. Allow Users to post Comment/Replies
    While you can prevent others to comment AND reply in your BLOGS, in Forums we encourage discussions so you can stop others from comment OR reply using these settings.

    3. Latest Comments order
    By default latest comments are shown on top for any post, however this may disrupt a great tutorial or forum post. This is controlled by changing this setting to show latest comments last.

    4. Multiple Files
    You can upload any files (image, zip, xls, doc etc.) using this. Any image or file upload is done using this form only. While you are free to upload max 10 files (1 MB limit each) at once, please do not dump many files together.

    You can attach images and files by clicking the "attachment" icon of any comment/reply.

    Few points worth repeating
    1. Use detail/comment/reply to brief about uploaded files, this helps everyone to know what we can expect prior download
    2. Rename your file according to the content
    3. Proper tagging of post helps better categorizing
    4. Uploading maritime files in Merchant Navy forum/Orals section gets more visibility and better distribution.
    5. Uploading non-maritime files in your Blogs helps in clean forum and focused followers.
    Please check  these changes in action at Indian CDC renewal where an image and file is attached directly in reply.

    Uploading similar files in one post and categorizing each post not only is a better user experience, it makes your post more "Helpful". Please leave reply for more queries/feedback.How to Upload Files in jahajee com

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