INDOS Checker Correction

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    INDOS Checker Correction


    While applying for Online Dangerous Cargo Endorsement I found my last name missing in Master Checker as well as DG Shipping E-Governance profile. While INDOS Checker was showing my name correctly, the form for Online DCE application was telling to contact the Indos Cell for both INDOS Checker correction and DG Shipping profile correction !

    INDOS Checker and INDOS Cell correction Contact details
    Correction in DG Shipping INDOS Checker and Seafarer Profiles is done by contacting / email to INDOS CELL at . Below updates can be done by sending email to INDOS Cell along with the documents listed. INDOS Cell is expected to correct same within defined time frame below.

    INDOS CHECKER / SEAFARER PROFILE CORRECTIONDocuments required with emailTime frame
    Seafarers data not updated / record does not existScanned Copy of INDOS Certificate24 Hours
    Name & date of birth date correctionScanned copy of INDOS certificate, Passport and CDC24 Hours
    Correction of other personal detailsScanned copy of INDOS certificate, Passport and CDC24 Hours
    Multiple INDOS numbersScanned copy of CDC24 Hours

    INDOS details in Master Checker
    You can download my email format for INDOS Checker correction at INDOS CHECKER CORRECTION MAIL (zip) [0.46 KB]
    Hope this helps someone, do not forget share this post to help mariners facing problems with INDOS Checker correction !

    Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT | REPLY
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      Hi Rishi, thanx for the post, was ur issue resolved. I have sent the mail by ur format. How much time they usually take to resolve the issue.  

      Vikram Pratap singh | | EDIT | REPLY
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      Hi Vikram, I actually emailed them on 03 Nov 2016 and got a reply by 04 Nov 2016. Surprisingly, they did correct it within 24 hours in my case !

      However in most cases I have found that if the issue is not resolved then you can contact/complaint in DG Shipping FEEDBACK section. I have detailed the procedure in CDC Checker Correction, hope it will help you.
      Best of luck.  

      Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT | REPLY