MMD Seafarer Profile not required at MMD Mumbai now

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    MMD Seafarer Profile not required at MMD Mumbai now


    MMD Mumbai Seafarer Profile may not be required for Dangerous Cargo Endorsement, GMDSS Endorsement, Indian COC Revalidation and other Personal Documents from MMD Mumbai anymore.

    I do not know if, it is the result of my query under point 7 of RTI to DG Shipping for application form or some pending decision to phase out this MMD Mumbai specific red tapism ! Anyways, my friend sent this notice hung at MMD Mumbai Notice board. While I did not find any formal notification or circular from DG Shipping, this letter became viral on social media !

    Note, you still need to make your e-samudra DG Shipping profile and submit it along with most MMD Forms. DG Shipping profile is a mandatory requirement as per DG Shipping Circulars, however MMD Seafarer Profile existed without any MMD or DG Shipping specific requirement for years causing harassment to Indian Seafarers. Hope you find this information helpful and do share this with your friends too.
    MMD Seafarer Profile  

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      Thank you, thank you very much MR Rishi Kashyap. I was damn worried because non functional link on Mumbai MMD's log in for DCE application. Appreciate it.  

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