My suggestions for revamping of E-Governance system of DG Shipping

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My suggestions for revamping of E-Governance system of DG Shipping


DG Shipping is asking suggestions from all concerned Stake holders for improvement of E-Samudra portal or better e-governance. Below are my suggestions and I request you to send yours to , and

Dear Sir / Madam,
     With reference to E-Gov/NP (2)/2015 dated 20 Apr 2016, please find below my suggestions for revamping of E-Governance system of DG Shipping.
For years I am seeing  with few links to forms and other documents. The website is deviating DG Shipping from its core focus on e-samudra by confusing mariners to fill "Seafarer's Registration" for which I have filed an RTI to DG Shipping. "Seafarer Login" and "Seafarer Registration" on is not required to be filled as per any DG Shipping Circular. MMD Seafarer profile was later stopped too via notice at Mumbai MMD.  
Reply for my RTI for forms states that forms can be downloaded from . I am sorry to say, forms were outdated then and at the time of writing (after an year) also forms are not updated ! Oil/Chemical/Gas DCE are done online presently using e-samudra however still shows a form to be downloaded and filled manually.
Other details on MMD Website are either already present in  or are out-dated. Few links and information which may be required later can be easily shifted to DG Shipping website tabs.
Abolition of website and other MMD website and merging all MMD websites under will help DG Shipping to focus on e-samudra and alone. It will prevent duplication of work and only one place to update the latest events, schedules and news. It would also bring uniformity in all MMD with regards to application procedures for issuance / renewal of various Maritime documents / certificates. Same problems and same ideas can be implemented in each MMD for uniformity of Paper work as well as online procedures.

Most forms are available online at but not updated. Even when the forms are available there is no uniformity in different MMD. Shifting each form under E-samudra will not only help applicant to download and come prepared to MMD with relevant documents but would help to solve corruption, as various MMD Clerks are known to alter the MMD forms physically.
A unique Id / number can be generated and added to each downloaded form which would help in tracking the progress of any application and bring more transparency into the system !
Of all government applications forms I have ever filled, MMD application forms are the only forms where no receipt is ever given to applicant ! No wonder missing application forms are not uncommon in MMD !
Each form can be modified to have a section for receipt and also reason for rejection. Presently the window clerks may reject application with all valid documents, this could be controlled if the reason of rejection could be written to the candidate in the form while returning him the same.
Sorry to say, but even after years, MMD and DG Shipping does not comply with "Right to Service" act. While DG Shipping website does list the duration within which certain documents/certificates are to be issued/renewed under Citizen Charter, however since no receipt of application submission is ever handed to any candidate, it is next to impossible to claim or address any grievance to anyone as forms can go missing without trace !
Search function on DG Shipping website rarely gives correct result ! Search results are not custom developed but its GOOGLE ! The reason Googlebot cannot scan or index the circulars properly is, that, by scanning in low resolution and then uploading it on, the characters are not identified properly (Google has to rely on OCR or Optical Character Recognition which is not accurate) . Scanning on high resolution will increase the file size ! I would recommend to upload circulars / directives / orders directly as word document OR searchable text pdf OR  html format as used to be the case in old website.
Also suggest not to upload the same circular with different names/id under different sections of DG Shipping. It is advisable to give a unique name/id to each circular and upload it under different section of DG Shipping website with that unique name/id. This will improve searching each circular and identifying them as same file easily.
Promoting digital signature of higher authorities will facilitate in uploading text only or searchable documents and also help in promoting DIGITAL India initiative in Shipping industry.
e governance suggestion
In last few years I have found some great efforts to counteract fake certificates and productive functioning of MMD and DG shipping under e-Governance. Such efforts include INDOS Checker, CDC Checker, COC Checker, COP Checker etc which are also required as per STCW 2010. While each of these websites and programs were made with good intention, I have found each becoming a big source of corruption at MMD counter.
Please note that these details and data are manually entered and are prone to error, however there is no clear contact details publicly available for correction of the same. It might seem as a shock but I have met people who suffered huge financial losses simply because they forgot e-samudra password and had to come to Mumbai ! Same goes for COC / COP Checker ! For your information "forgot password" in e-Samudra is still not working at the time of writing and CDC Checker is still showing wrong details for me. We never get any reply by contacting to emails mentioned on website for problems encountered.
Reply for my RTI for contact details for GMDSS / COC / CDC / COP Checker correction from MMD Mumbai states
The person entering details of COC, COP and GMDSS Endorsement on line are by dealing clerk who is assigned to do this work on day to day basis. There are no dedicated contact details (telephone/email) for the concerned staff, who are mostly outsource on contact basisSimple complaints go unnoticed resulting not only in corruption in MMD / DG Shipping, but losing faith in the country's e-governance system.
I would suggest to start a tracking based complaint system online in dgshipping or e-samudra website. Such complaint system can have drop down boxes to select from the problems related with documentation or examination process. The department can be automatically selected depending upon the pre-selected drop-down box. The system can have text-boxes to detail the problem.
Once the complaint is submitted, not only a unique ID is assigned to each complaint but such complaints can be published in public domain to bring in more transparency to the system. Since each submitted complaint is publicly available for reference, solutions and an estimated time for closing can be known beforehand. Same system if implemented can be used to measure the effectiveness of the e-samudra services as well as the efficiency of each department.

DG Shipping has placed additional restriction to prevent fraud and forged document submission from applying candidates as per below:

  1. CDC entry by master of sailed vessel.
  2. Original Sea-service letter in format prescribed in "Certificate of Watchkeeping / testimonial for Certificate of Competency examination purposes" dated 18.09.2014 from master of sailed vessel.
  3. Original Sea-service letter from Company with RPSL number in letterhead from RPSL approved / Indian Company worked for mentioned in all MMD Application forms.
  4. Form 3A to be filled by RPSL Approved Shipping Companies as per "Crew Branch Circular 03 of 2012" dated 03.07.12
It's the RPSL company filling Form 3A data, used by DG Shipping / MMD to verify applicant sea-service. Getting Sea-Service letter from company, is just duplication of paper work for the same thing and it wastes time of applicant, company, dealing clerk and surveyors. Similarly when the master is writing the sea-service record in Indian CDC, getting sea-service letter is just ages old duplication of work which could be abolished as online services like e-Samudra is being used to verify the same !
Records of form 3A should me made accessible to individual mariner under e-governance so that mariners can contact the concerned shipping company to keep it regularly updated.
I hope these suggestions were helpful and a simple web-form seeking suggestions too can be integrated in so that citizens in general can suggest for continuous improvement of e-governance freely without deadline of 5th May 2016. Such suggestions again can be made public for discussion and reply.
Best Regards
Rishi Kashyap
Indian Mariner  

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