Save on Mobile Data Usage

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Save on Mobile Data Usage


Mobile data usage is an issue for on-the-go people, away from WI-FI and who use smartphone for daily internet. I switched from pathetic BSNL Data one service to 3G Mobile service (using Potable hotspot) for my daily internet use recently. Most Android Phones by default provide a mobile data usage record, which gives you a fair idea about the data usage by your installed Apps. After finding that you can save on your mobile data usage following these simple habits and changing few settings.  Save on Mobile Data Usage

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Rishi Kashyap
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X 8 ways to control mobile data usage

You can control your mobile data usage by following these 8 simple methods

  1. Change Whatsapp Media auto-download setting
  2. Even though Whatsapp does not sell ads (Recommended How whatsapp makes money) yet it tops in exhausting Mobile data ! Blame yourself though, who auto-download every media file, including "Good Morning", "Good Day" and "Good night" images. You can control what gets auto downloaded by changing its setting at
    Settings >> Chat settings >> Media auto-download >> When using mobile data
    simply un-select what you do not want to auto-download. Frankly I un-selected everything as Whatsapp gives a preview of image and videos anyways ! Additionally if you are on a ship with internet you might want to change auto-download setting on Wi-Fi too.
    Another useful habit is to use text message over voice message. Its good to send voice message occasionally but trust me, if I am interested to hear your voice I will call you. As per WhatsappNOTE: Voice messages are always automatically downloaded for the best communication experience
  3. Change your email habit and mail App setting
  4. In case of an emergency you will call me, not email me. Corporate guys suffer from "email syndrome", which wants them to get each mail delivered and attended at "run-time". I don't know if it is because of my peaceful 10 years of Merchant Navy life or its my nature, I attend mails when I want ! I changed Gmail app setting at
    Settings >> >> Sync Gmail (Un-select)
    To sync Gmail now, I just open Gmail app and swipe down whenever I want. I additionally changed "Images" setting to "Ask before showing" .

  5. Change App store settings
  6. Android Phone and Iphone have their own app store for downloads of Apps. In Google play you can change the required settings at
    Play Store >> Settings >> Auto-update apps >> Do not auto-update Apps
    Changing this App store settings will make your smartphone confirm you, prior updating any installed Mobile app.

  7. Choose What Google syncs
  8. Google, Microsoft and Iphone each are pushing their service / apps through their smartphone whether you want it or not ! The problem doesn't end there, they auto-sync and increase your mobile data usage unnecessarily. You can change this default setting at
    Settings >> ACCOUNTS (Google) >> >> Select / Un-select as required.
    Each app has an inbuilt sync feature which will allow you to sync it manually.

  9. Restrict Background data to minimize mobile data usage
  10. This is an extreme case, and my favourite. You can restrict all background data, not allowing anything to run in background. Change settings at
    Settings >> Data Usage >> Restrict background data
    I always use this, cause I never know which apps / updates I might have missed and it just stops almost everything. A word of caution though that it will not update your Live google map with your GPS location unless you are using Offline Google Map, will stop True Caller and some other favourite apps too !

    Another great setting which you can change here is "Auto-sync data" , simply unselect it and no more auto-sync of any mobile app.

  11. Use Ad blocking tool selectively
  12. Using an ad blocking tool not only restrict ads in your mobile device, but it also kills the website slowly :( . While most websites today thrive on online advertisement but some websites over-do it ! You can save on your mobile data usage by blocking ads selectively for some websites. By the way I hope you are allowing ads on this website :)

  13. Remove unused Mobile App
  14. Its good to have "Tom Cat" and "Angry Birds" when you bought your first smart phone, but if you are hardly using them now, you may want to remove it ! Even though most gaming apps never auto-sync but Android does check its play store regularly for updates. Removing unnecessary Mobile Apps not only controls your mobile data but also clears device RAM / storage for better phone performance.

  15. Take low resolution selfies
  16. Your 8 MP mobile phone can take low resolution photos too ! Just change its setting specially for your selfies, trust me you look equally beautiful and smart at 3 MP resolution with less facial hair !
In the end remember that its media files which matter the most, the audio, videos which you download, the high resolution images which you click and upload. Just control them and your mobile data usage will be controlled. Wishing happy mobile browsing ever after.  8 ways to control mobile data usage

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