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    X Many thanks..

    Many thanks for your prompt reply and help.

    Nitin Goel | | EDIT

      X Thank you for your guideline...

      Dear friend
      Thank you for your guideline and sharings which is very helpful to me and other beginners also.

      Joy A | | EDIT
        X Thank you

        THANK YOU SO MUCH....

        Chandan Das | | EDIT
          X Great job

          thanks for the good job,really very thankful for all the info imparted by this great site

          Gaurav Bhardwaj | | EDIT
            X great job

            great job.....and very helpful :)

            Zaheer Patel | | EDIT
              X Finally a maritime platform for Indian seafarers.

              This website is proving to be really great in midst of all the misconceptions regarding the Merchant marine, this website has a potential to be just like what officercadet.com has been working as for the UK cadets and seafarers, it gives me immense pleasure to see something like this in our own country for our Officers and aspiring seafarers.The jahajee word should be written in some good graphical format, it would lead to a proper branding,secondly joining merchant navy page is quite good, but to make it hard and clear and to avoid any misconceptions there should be two hard categories Officers and Ratings/seaman , this would lead to a better understanding to the newcomers as they can set their courses accordingly.
                           This site is really going to work out for the betterment of Indian seafaring, and this is really the first one I have seen that is working for Indian seafarers, this will lead to better discussions,guidance,welfare and betterment.

              Abhi Tiwari | | EDIT
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                Wow !! Thank you friend.
                Thanks for your feedback for "join merchant navy" page too, I am over-due for improving that page. Will change it bearing in mind about the categorizing part, for sure it would avoid any further confusion.
                As for the JAHAJEE graphical format...hummm can't promise much, as I think developing and improving the website will be rather more productive than the banner development or branding. Sorry on that front ...but yes, if I will be free anytime then would certainly try that too ....;-) Thanks again.

                Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT
              X Kudos to u....

              This site is a guiding light for all those who want to step-into world of merchant navy.. hats-off for good noble work! keep it up!!

              Raghvendra Negi | | EDIT
                X Appreciation

                well done good job keep growing.

                Anil Jaiswal | | EDIT
                  X nice job

                  dear jahajee,your site is quite informative and nice, one question, there is no introduction about your background,do u really choose to be anonymous for any reason? but u are doing a good job indeed and hope you are a team, i mean, i dont think such can be achieved solely....

                  Karan Nandha | | EDIT
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                    Thank you very much friend....;-)
                    I do not think I am anonymous...you can find few details about me at www.jahajee.com/about/aboutus.php other than that I am just another mariner like you. You can take me as the guy with whom you talk on VHF at Open Sea after "Ek do Teen Chaar ..." ;-)
                          You are very right I am not alone, there are 5000 Users including you and me who have contributed in some way or the other...for everyone to share and learn....
                    Thank you again

                    Rishi Kashyap | | EDIT
                  X good job

                  good job. should be appreciated. be upto date

                  Sridhar Ravichandran | | EDIT

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