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What is Feedburner and why to use feedburner ?

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    What is Feedburner and why to use feedburner ?


    Most website today use Feedburner for their feed, making me wonder What is feedburner and why is to so popular ?

    Let us take our Atom feed which we made at "How to make a Feed". Assuming that your website is very popular and people are subscribing your feed. You are happy but won't it be good if you could track who is subscribing and what are they viewing. If you are using full text feed then you are not only loosing traffic for your website but also advertising revenues. This is where Google feedburner can help you !

    Feedburner is a service acquired by Google in 2007. Google Feedburner sits in between your website feed and Subscribed audience. Google Feedburner once used, will provide you with a feedburner URL for your feed (they call this "burned"). You need to promote this Feedburner feed URL. The feedburner page for your feed will be what the user will see once they want to subscribe and your own feed will be known only to you and feedburner.

    You can use Google Feedburner for your website feed to get :
    # Visitor details
    # Page details
    # Referral traffic
    # Audience browser details
    # Audience feed reader details
    # additional revenue from Google Adsense
    # Socializing the Feed and content
    and much more. And yes its free (Thank you God for making Internet !;-)). No wonder feedburner is used by so many websites today. Lets see how you can use the Google Feedburner for your website.

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      X How to use Google Feedburner ?

      In this post we will try to use Google Feedburner for our previously generated Atom feeds.

      Before we start to use Feedburner, you should know few limitations of Google Feedburner viz :
         1) Google Feedburner requires a website to have its own feed e.g. Google Feedburner will not generate the feed contents for your website. You should generate the feed and provide feedburner, URL for that feed. Please check how to make a feed for details.
         2) Google Feedburner requires your feed to be lesser than 512K in size, if its more than that, reduce your content to have file size below that limit.
         3) Google Feedburner will update its feed in maximum 30 minutes from your provided feed.
         4) Feedburner supports following syndication formats RSS 0.90, 0.91, 0.92, 0.93, 0.94, 1.0, 2.0, and Atom.
         5) You might have to redirect traffic from your site's original feed to your FeedBurner feed for correct analyzing about the subscribers.
         6) Feedburner cannot be used with website with domain name having Underscore in it. So if my website is www.internet_programs.com then I cannot use Google Feedburner.

      Now if you are ready to use feedburner with these limitations, then :
      # Login to feedburner.google.com using your google account.
      # Enter your atom feed URL in the "Burn a feed right this instant" and click "Next".
      # Choose your Feedburner Feed title and Feed Address and click "Next".
      # If it results in a "Congrats!" well then, congrats, you have just burned your feed and are using Google Feedburner now.

      One of few extra things which you need to do now is that you need to modify the links on your website to point to the Feedburner feed so that users use feedburner to subscribe to your website feed.
      So the previous meta tags and links mentioned in "Add atom feed to your website" will be modified as below :
      <!-- The meta tag will become -->
      <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss xml" title="JAHAJEE" href="http://feeds.feedburner.com/JAHAJEE">
      <!-- And the Feed link will become -->
      <a href="http://feeds.feedburner.com/JAHAJEE">Subscribe</a>
      Hopefully this should get your website using feedburner feeds and I wish you more happy subscribers.How to use Google Feedburner

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