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eSamudra Server issue


Most of the time eSamudra website will just not open ! Either Server is not found(404 error) or there is Internal Server (500 error). The problem has increased since DG Shipping shifted to new website. It happened during my Indian CDC renewal too. Since its server issue, no external entity can help you until DG Shipping guys repair that !

Possible solution

  1. Try after few hours or Day (trust me it takes them long time !)
  2. If you need your Profile printout immediately for any reason contact DG Shipping at
    Tel. :91-22-22613651
    Tel. :91-22-22643036 (Helpdesk for DG Shipping website)
  3. Contact concerned MMD and tell them the problem, most of the times they do entertain/process your request.
  4. If everything fails, take a deep breath, relax, be patient, go grab a beer & message me to join you ;-)
eSamudra Server issue

Rishi Kashyap | 6 years ago | EDIT
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    Notice regarding shifting of old DG Servers from Kanjurmarg to New Delhi.......10 more days of non- working told by DG Shipping Officials.......count it 15 days from now..........but I have to admit new site looks more colourful, hope after its shifting is completed it will work as butter......!!JAHAJEE

    Abhay Singh | 6 years ago | EDIT | REPLY