sextant is an instrument used
to measure the angle between
any two visible objects. Its
primary use is to determine the
angle between a celestial object
and the horizon which is known
as the object's altitude. Making
this measurement is known as
sighting the object, shooting the
object, or taking a sight and it is
an essential part of celestial
navigation. The angle, and...
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Up voted topic at Companies with Internet on ship
Following Companies provide Internet on Ship : AET Andromeda Shipping (some ships) BP Shipping

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Up voted topic at Yellow Fever
Yellow Fever is a disease caused by Yellow Fever Virus. The yellow fever Virus spreads through infected mosquito bites. Symptoms of Yellow fever includeFever and flubleeding from several body ...

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Up voted comment at You are proceeding at sea one of your steering pump stops functioning what action will you take
start 2nd motor start both motors if not working... inform Master NUC raise alarm, inform E/R and prepare for E'gency steering brendon n kamlesh

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Comment at Drift angle ?
The horizontal angle between the axis of a ship and the tangent to its path. ...

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Comment at Action when manoverboard.
shout man over board,immediately inform to master,give three long blast,hoist flag o.throw the mob orange life buoy,keep proper look out on him,mark the position,avoid the man getting into ...

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Comment at Can you overtake a vessel in TSS and narrow channel
yes we can,but it is possible only if the vessel to be overtaken permits.through a appropriate sound signal ...

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Comment at Are the tide curve graph for all port same or different. ? which volume has different ?
volume 1 graph is different for each port ...